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Tire wear serious Chongqing man stealing his car tires for the car tires are Wen and yinmou steal. Newspaper reporter Ping Suoqian photo (reporter Qian Ye), my car tires missing? Who is so wicked ah!" Chongqing Yubei District Mr. Zheng was preparing to drive out, but found that the three wheels car take wings to itself. Zheng first angry bad, immediately to the Yubei District Public Security Bureau two police station alarm. Yesterday, Yubei police arrested two suspects. Zheng, who lives in Yubei District, 10 in the morning on October 14th, Mr. Zheng is ready to drive out, but found that the car’s rear wheels and the right front wheel are gone, the three wheels with a few stones under the pad two. "Even though I parked my car on the sidewalk, I wouldn’t get off the wheel, even if I was in the way." Mr. Cheng told the police down grievances. After Mopai visits, nearly 5 days of the October 19th morning, the police will suspect the text of a yinmou arrest. Two of the tire theft confessed to the crime. They also confessed to stealing the other two vehicles with the same modus operandi. Yin and text is a classmate, are 23 years old. Text a repair shop in a car repair workers, Yin in a taxi platform to do a full-time driver. Yoon’s car tires wear quickly. In mid July, he found a job in the repair of a text, asked him to help replace the tire. A text to yinmou weapon: to steal tires to change, very cost-effective. Yin immediately said that this approach can try. The one due to the "brother sensibilities" also willing to help. A few days later, the two men drove together to find a car parked in the middle of nowhere. In the vicinity of Yubei District Guanyinyan Road, they will have a car of the two front wheels stolen, change in yinmou car. At the beginning of September, two people in the same way in the vicinity of Yubei Emerald City to steal the two front wheels of a car, will also be installed in car tire yinmou.相关的主题文章:

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Green Army why he doesn’t choose Zhou Qi? The explosion today cut 37+20 Zizic Beijing time on October 10th, in a League (the Adriatic Sea in Southeast Europe across the League) in the game, from Croatia Zagreb Xibo Na team than the 89 85 Lectra Skopje team MZT. The game is to highlight the Croatia young center Antwerp Zizic on ·. The whole game, Zizic played 44 minutes, 19 throw in 14 scored 37 points, also took 20 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1 assists and 1 steals, just like a European shark gesture, but know that this year he is only 19 years old. In the last few games he also performed well in Zizic under the leadership of Zagreb Xibo Na team has achieved 3 wins 1 of the negative record in the Adriatic League, the young guy averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds, and more importantly, the league is not what the league but a chicken ribs. A mainstream European League, excellent data Zizic is not doped too much water. Then the Zizic exactly is who? He is the Celtics with the first round of twenty-third at this year’s NBA draft pick of the players, and this sequence was originally a lot of Chinese fans that is used to select the Zhou qi. Two people are inside players, Zhou Qi’s height (2.17 meters) than the odd day (2.11 meters) higher than many, but the latter’s greater weight (kg to 95 kg). A comparison of data before season two, Zhou Qi in the Xinjiang team averaged 15.8 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.1 blocks, Zizic in the Croatia League, averaging 13.4 points and 8 rebounds and 1.4 blocks, while the data of Zhou Qi dominated, but considering the two the league level gap is stronger or weaker really not to say. Draft day when the Celtics with 23 cis position selection when Zizic, the Celtics fans booed, because Americans seem to be big players for overseas performance has not been very trust. Shortly after the Celtics President Danny ·, Anji announced that it will not visit NBA this year, and will continue to exercise in europe. Green Army fans dissatisfied with the selected Zizic after that, people all know Zizic will become the absolute core of Zagreb Xibo Na team, but I’m afraid no one can think of the teenager’s progress so quickly today cut the terrorist data 37+20 is amazing. Compared with Zhou Qi in Rio stadium this summer show called the bleak, and just over a AFC Champions League cup, he scored 9 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks, while the effect of the victory over the team Zhou Qi data, but compared to China guy in the team’s position is much lower, but the Xinjiang team would never let foreign aid around Zhou Qi attack. The final week in the forty-third round of the second round was selected by the Rockets, and he did not have the opportunity to visit the NBA stadium this year. The same is to stay in their respective League exercise, every day seems to have become the core of the team and the inside of the kill, and Zhou Qi in the positioning of the Xinjiang team is not clear, the gap between the two people seem to be getting bigger and bigger NBA. (Sports +)相关的主题文章:

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Dry skin in summer how to do? Japanese media recommend cleansing emulsion — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: summer dry skin how to do? Japanese media recommend cleansing emulsion [global network reported] think there are many people who own the skin dry summer, because summer is a period of easy dry skin. At the same time, blowing air conditioning in the office, ah, ah, do not feel too hot skin cream ah, these are the reasons leading to dry skin in summer. I heard that used for the summer dry skin cleansing lotion has good effect, so what is cleansing lotion? Japan livedoor website to tell you. Can wash the pores of sebum? Ordinary facial cleanser will stimulate dry skin. With the emulsion washing it, Mild emulsion can be very good to wash off sebum. Wash away the dirt in the pores at the same time, but also play the effect of the lotion, while washing can also give the skin moisturizing. Cabbage price of the emulsion has a very good effect, after washing will have a feeling of embellish. How about the use of the order? The same as ordinary facial cleanser. Let the emulsion with the hands of the temperature, and then directly painted on the face. Gently massage the face, dirt will float out. After wipe with paper napkin on it, if you feel sticky can wash with warm water. Such a simple maintenance can make the skin dry eased. Why is the skin dry in summer? We now know that the emulsion can not only gentle cleansing to remove dirt, and moisturizing effect. So, why is it easy to dry skin in summer? There are many reasons, of which UV is considered the most important factor. To maintain the elasticity of the skin collagen and elastin are destroyed, the skin’s moisture will gradually loss. At the same time, the number of summer sweat and the use of oil absorbing paper becomes more and more, resulting in skin barrier function, skin deterioration. It is so easy to dry skin in summer. So we must try to use the cleansing emulsion Oh! (Zhang Yun Wang Huan) (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章:

Liu Zhenyun’s classic works, a top ten thousand sentences will be the big screen – Sohu reading-shdoclc.dll

Liu Zhenyun’s classic "a top ten thousand words of" the big screen – Sohu to read by the original author Liu Zhenyun served as screenwriter, producer Jiang Zhiqiang, directed by Liu Yulin, Li Qian, Bei Liu, Wei Fan Ashler, starring Lee Luigi Nono, starring Yu Entai, Sun Qian, Qi Xi, a special movie "one top ten thousand" held the fixed gear conference in Beijing, the movie based on Liu Zhenyun won the Mao Dun prize for literature in the novel of the same name, to endure, or not "as the core, about two ordinary people to talk to people, after the emotional struggles with the numerous difficulties and dangers. The scene, Liu Zhenyun verse frequent. He said, very pleased with the film "one top ten thousand" of the final presentation, that movie is not by the force, but the creative talent". Liu Zhenyun, Yang Guifei, Liu Bang, Wu Song in Syria with innocent children and other foreign event for reference, the film called "a cuckold of epic", words sharp poke heart. While the gains Oscar has returned the director Liu Yulin said, "I hope to shoot a place in the minds of ordinary people, roaring waves war blockbuster". Liu Zhenyun: Wu Song + Liu Bang + + Yang Syria child = a cuckold’s epic "the day after, not before, people in the world are everywhere, said people hard to find thousands of miles", "all the tragedy can not withstand scrutiny, careful scrutiny, a comedy"…… The frequency of the classic novel "one top ten thousand", is a famous writer Liu Zhenyun’s novel book sold 1 million 800 thousand copies, and Chinese eighth Mao Dun prize for literature in 2011, has been translated into English, German and French, 20 languages, is published, has won more than ten literature award, has extensive international influence. This time, Liu Zhenyun for the film "a top ten thousand words of" Miuccia writer, the greatest extent to retain the original novel spirits and sharp lines, to explore the depth of the common marriage life Ningba and tangle. What kind of sentence, the top ten thousand? Liu Zhenyun was quoted by Bo China from ancient anecdotes: Pan Jinlian "derailed" murder at the age of 11 from the fuse, sell pear Yuncheng brother, because of its succession to the Wu and Wu Song informant, eventually lead to "Dong Zhuo and Lv Bu; the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked" alliance had dominate the world, but because others caught two people "lust" the lifeblood of the final let Diao Chan to intervene, led coalition disintegrated, reverse direction; Chibi is due to a "fire" of Zhu Geliang, a win for history of the classic battle. In a word, enough to trigger a murder, reversing the process of historical development, it is Liu Zhenyun for "a top ten thousand words of" the answer, "like the word" in a top ten thousand words of "at least five sentences, but it does not occur in Chibi, it happened in the US I happened to you, Liu Zhenyun," in and out of marriage an excuse to explain now, make the film a "top ten thousand" full of epic means. At the same time, Liu Zhenyun is on the scene response about "the plot and the Baoqiang Wang incident similar questions, he said:" the words of justice Bao Qiang has been very easy, do not want to put this matter to him to pull up." He thought,.相关的主题文章:

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This is very strange: iPhone7 first sale outlets queuing up but not much each reporter Meng Qingjian iPhone7 as the apple camp a conventional upgrade products, the market speculation that it may be a dud. The "daily economic news" reporter in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday this year, visited some of Apple stores found that generally overcrowded, consumer experience, buy redubujian. If you buy from the cattle where bright black iPhone7 plus may need to increase the maximum 8000 yuan. Domestic electricity supplier, the channel is generally out of stock status. Perhaps the situation does not mean that iPhone7 can reverse the continuous decline in the decline of apple. In the first purchase date of iPhone7, a number of data show that consumers of Apple heat decline compared with previous years. "IPhone7 is currently released from the innovation point of view, the optimistic view can inspire a group of users to update, but not enough to lead the market to usher in a new wave of replacement." Wang Yanhui, Secretary General of China Mobile alliance. The first market is two times last year, apple on Thursday (September 15th) told the media that since the opening of the book, the first iPhone7Plus has been sold in the world. In addition, the U.S. operator T- Mobile and Sprint have also said that iPhone7 predetermined amount far exceeded expectations. Morgan, an investment bank, said that Apple’s initial production plan for iPhone7 was the same as that of last year’s iPhone6s, although the iPhone7’s initial market was up to 29, more than two times what it was last year. What is the actual sales data for iPhone7? Reuters reported that Apple spokesman has said that the company will not release the first weekend sales of iPhone7. Bloomberg quoted analysts said, iPhone7Plus dual lens parts supply shortage to some extent limits the production of iPhone7Plus. "We knew before that the issue of double lens would limit the sale of iPhone7Plus, and the supplier could not deliver these parts in large quantities." In the first day, the Chinese market is still enthusiastic about iPhone7. The reporter visited the learned field, the number of fruit powder lined up in Zhongguancun to buy iPhone7 have been significantly better than the same period last year. Not only the mainland so, Xinhua News Agency reporters in Hongkong reported that Apple retail stores in Tongluowan, found in the vicinity of more than the number of mobile phones to buy a cell phone. Compared to the past, this year to buy Apple’s new mobile phone consumers relatively calm, the majority of customers take the phone sold to cattle. In this case there is New York. Market research agency’s (PiperJaffray) analyst Jean · Munster said in the apple iPhone7 on sale the same day, New York is located in the Fifth Avenue outside Apple’s flagship store, only about 400 people waiting in line for the new iPhone listed, and queuing scene is actually the huge crowds of people in the past. 400 people waiting team, hit a new low since the 2009 launch of Apple’s iPhone iPhone3GS queue waiting for the new listing. Munster said, "we estimate that this year, New York no..相关的主题文章: