71CSI closed easing is expected to fall triggered the stock market earthquake|CSI closed easing is expected to fall triggered the stock market earthquake1

CSI closed: easing is expected to fall triggered the stock market earthquake CSI network (reporter Zhang Yi) last Friday, the U.S. stock market crash is clearly spread to the global market. Today, A stock market tiaokongdikai, nonferrous metal plate decreases, the market was weak, the line distance more and more far. Overseas markets, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ index fell 2.13% and the same day, the S & P 500 index fell by 2.45%, the FTSE index fell by 1.33%, the French CAC40 index fell by 1.68%. As of press time, the Nikkei 225 index fell by 1.73%, the Hang Seng Index fell by 2.71%. To close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.85% points to close at 3021.98, Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.8% to close at 10461.58 points; the gem index fell 2.61% points to close at 2145.56, small board index fell 2.94% to close at 6731.84 points. Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities turnover was $221 billion 847 million and $318 billion 301 million. Industry, 28 SW level industry overall decline, the leisure services sector is only a drop of not more than 1% of the industry sector; in contrast, non-ferrous metals, computers and national defense industry decliners, down 4.25%, 3.45% and 3.18% respectively. Trade and the media industry also fell more than 3%. The concept of rare earth permanent magnet plate decreases, down 5.46%; smart IC cards, lithium batteries, mobile resale and other sectors fell more than 4%. Overall, the global market is expected to loose down large fluctuations, short-term shocks, the market risk aversion, stock market was in the line near the tangled takes time to get back to near the line, short-term investors should not rush to intervene, waiting for the market to stabilize.

73The two country prefix billion fund unveiled three a main cast direction – fund channel|The two country prefix billion fund unveiled three a main cast direction – fund channel4

The two country prefix billion fund A shares debut in three directions – the main investment fund channel yesterday, *ST jichai disclosed restructuring plan to be injected in the oil group 75 billion 500 million yuan of financial assets, as one of the supporting fundraising subscribers, "the state-owned capital risk investment fund" officially unveiled A shares. The fund in August this year, just led by the founding of the new company, with a total size of up to 200 billion yuan, designed to promote technological innovation and industrial upgrading of enterprises, is currently the largest national venture capital fund. Just last week, China announced the construction of a paper opened another opened a new company with the background of the fund’s veil billion. New International Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the new international) intends to lead the establishment of national control fund, the total size of 150 billion yuan to support the internationalization of the central enterprises. Neiwaijianxiu, two pronged approach. In the new company was selected as the state-owned capital operating company pilot enterprises since, once a low-key stealth, now, with the big two debut of the new company prefix of the fund, the operation context has become increasingly clear. These funds help, who will become the next billion M & a beneficiaries? The answer may soon be announced. The state-owned venture capital fund three main investment direction in August this year, for the implementation of the central financial work leading group of the establishment of the state owned capital investment fund risk related instructions by the SASAC deployment guidance, by the state-owned capital operating company pilot enterprises — China new Chinese Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the new company") led, set up the state-owned capital venture investment fund (hereinafter referred to as "state-owned venture capital fund"). The total size of the fund is 200 billion yuan, the first phase of the scale of $100 billion, mainly invested in enterprise technology innovation, industrial upgrading projects. Among them, the first phase of the new company invested 34 billion yuan, as the main sponsor and controlling shareholder, postal savings bank, construction bank, Shenzhen Klc Holdings Ltd invested $30 billion, respectively, $16 billion and $20 billion. Hundreds of billions of funds to invest where? The proposed *ST jichai 1 billion 900 million yuan to participate in the restructuring of supporting fund-raising, the state-owned venture capital fund is not the first to scale 2%, but more importantly, the relevant announcement clearly for the first time disclosed the next capital investment direction. According to the disclosure, in direct investment, the state-owned venture capital fund will invest in three aspects: in line with the strategic direction of national innovation driven projects, such as the new generation of information technology, intelligent manufacturing, green space and marine industries, efficient use of resources and ecological environmental protection, such as the wisdom of the city; meet the proposed in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and 13th Five-Year the national innovation plan "key projects in the field of clear, such as advanced semiconductor, robotics, networking, a new generation of aviation equipment and space technology integrated service system, intelligent transportation, smart materials; national manufacturing industry upgrading major projects related with sustainable business class projects, such as the intelligent transformation project, the development of high-end equipment engineering, aerospace engineering construction major industrial base construction project etc.. In addition, its subsidiary funds will be biased to support the growth of innovative small and micro enterprises to support mergers and acquisitions and resource integration, equity participation in the development of promising private investment projects to promote the integration of capital and technology in the world