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10 tens of thousands of household cars, what kind of will open up very cool? Sohu before the car is for brick uncle drive, many friends in the message back, ask a department of family car, really can have so good experience? Is not a 1.4T, 7 speed DCT, after the non independent suspension of a little handsome car? Really can have such a good driving experience? Today, we come to the analysis of brick, why this seemingly flat car can have such a good performance. Yes, the new Cruze chassis is in front of Mcpherson, after the torsion beam suspension. But in the Cruze above is enhanced by setting Mcpherson suffering from hanging, hanging on the double channel design, to provide a better isolation effect, and can improve the fault tolerance of bolt link rate, more stable performance. In addition, the 1.4T version of the model is also added with a recovery spring, the wheel is pulled back, enhance stability. As for the rear suspension, is different from the ordinary torsion beam suspension, on the basis of enhanced Cruze type watt connecting structure, the patent belongs to the general structure helps to share behind the torsion beam stress, equivalent to another person with you to complete the division of labor, suspension can adapt to a more intense driving. If you feel good enough to make the chassis as long as the outstanding performance that is a bit. In addition to the chassis of Kung Fu, general for Ke Luzi fertilizer is very valued?. Chevrolet by CAE, computer engineering? Strict operational analysis structure of every position and material, make sure that in each position are reasonable and reliable and most lightweight materials and application design. Is positioned as a family car, perhaps a lot of people on this title brick uncle said "I think sniff at, but that is not what progress?!", but if you drive over the old models, you will find the new Cruze really good in the driving experience not less. Although the gearbox is still a little reaction, but its progress has been able to feel, and this is enough for consumers to pay for it.相关的主题文章: