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27 Jiangxi businessmen boarded the Hurun – Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: 27 Jiangxi businessmen boarded the Hurun Report in October 13th, Hurun Research Institute released the "2016 Hurun Report". Wang Jianlin wealth of 215 billion yuan to become the richest man in China for the first time, Ma ranked second in the $205 billion, 165 billion yuan in the column of the Ma Huateng of third yuan in the city of China, with a total of $third. This is the Hu Run institute since 1999 for eighteenth consecutive years, released "Hu Run rich list", the income threshold for four consecutive years to maintain 2 billion yuan, the deadline rich list of listed companies wealth calculated for August 15th this year. The list shows that this year a total of 2056 entrepreneurs on the list, including the list of the top 27 Jiangxi rich. Jiminkexin Group Chairman Li Yihai wealth of 18 billion 500 million yuan to become the richest man in Jiangxi. Before the ten threshold to 78 billion real estate list number declined again in the past year wealth growth slowed down, this year there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached 2 billion yuan and above, more than last year 179 entrepreneurs on the list, the lowest rate in three years, there are 1007 entrepreneurs wealth than last year shrunk or no change, 828 of the wealth, the list of entrepreneurs average wealth ratio declined slightly last year, down from 7 billion 300 million yuan to 7 billion 200 million yuan. The top ten list threshold increased by 20% over last year, reaching $78 billion. Hu Run chairman and chief researcher Hu Run said: "although the China stock market than last year down 20%, but the total number of the list is still up 9%. Although the first tier cities housing prices rose so fierce, but the real estate industry or the number of consecutive years down the list." Reporters combed the list found that the proportion of the number of people from the list, this year, the fastest growing financial and investment sectors, followed by IT. The fastest decline in manufacturing, real estate and clothing. Cultural entertainment steadily rising, new energy has also increased, the pharmaceutical industry declined slightly. Compared to the total wealth of the industry, real estate, IT and manufacturing still accounts for the vast majority. The manufacturing sector is still the largest industry on the list of entrepreneurs, but the proportion fell from 28.1% last year to $26.2%, ranking the real estate in, the number of people on the list fell from last year’s 16.1% to 15.4%. Analysts pointed out that in recent years, the field of financial investment has been an important way to upgrade the wealth of entrepreneurs. Financial investment in the field of venture capital and private equity transparency is relatively low, more invisible rich. 2056 entrepreneurs in the list of the list of the list of the richest in Jiangxi Province, this year a total of 2056 entrepreneurs on the list, including the list of the top of the list of the top 27 Gan, involving medicine, IT, digital, real estate investment, LED and other industries. The Jiminkexin Li Yihai in Jiangxi Ji Regal top ranked, ranked 127 in the country, the wealth value rose by 32% over last year, reaching 18 billion 500 million yuan; followed by UF Wang Wenjing, Sunner Fu Guangming family, wealth in more than 15 billion yuan, ranking 200 in both within the. Chapter tungsten Huang Zelan this year wealth value decreased by 33%, ranking dropped to 438; in this year Wang Yonghong wealth value decreased by 41%, ranking dropped to 438. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: