5 year old girl suffering from defecation father incarnation spider man to save the woman ssdao

5 year old girl in difficult defecation father incarnation of "Spider Man" to save the woman original title: Shanxi 5 year old girl in difficult defecation daddy incarnation of "Spider Man" to save the woman in new Lvliang in November 9 Linxian County Xinhua (reporter Hu Jian) Shanxi Linxian County 5 year old girl Gao Hongyu (a pseudonym) because of suffering from perineal hemangioma, cause defecation pain unbearable. Although carried out two times of treatment, but the disease is still difficult to let the poor family get radical little carbuncle. Father Gao Xinmin for her daughter to raise the cost of the operation, the embodiment of the "spider man dad", risked his life to pick up the edge of the cliff wild jujube. Shanxi province Lvliang city Linxian County Qu Yu Zhen is a seat next to the the Yellow River side of the town, most of the villagers in the village have a high Xinmin Town as one of the poorest households. In order to let the older daughter Gao Hongyuan (a pseudonym) received a good education, three years ago, Gao Xinmin Liu Jia from his home to tens of miles outside the ditch Quyu living room as pour as a church mouse. This is an annual rent of 1300 yuan old caves, three people dwelling in this small house, the house is only a light bulb wattage is very low, two daughters every night work in this faint light. There are several sacks of potatoes on the ground. The reporter walked into the room, the next door neighbor’s daughter is a high Xinmin sent just fried cake. Rely on neighbors to aid to life, is this a normal. When Gao Hongyu was 7 months old, his mother left home. Gao Xinmin both father and mother to take care of two children and two sick parents, originally intended to go out to work to earn money for his family wishes so shattered. Gao Hongyu’s illness was born, because the poor, they have been shelved. In May 2016, 4 years and 11 months, Gao Hongyu due to size of pain, Gao Xinmin with her daughter came to Shanxi Changfeng hemangioma hospital for treatment, the hospital diagnosis of sacrococcygeal and perineal multiple venous malformation is hemangioma. The hospital to develop a treatment plan for 5 to 7 courses according to the condition, completely cure to 70000 yuan. 4 months later, Gao Xinmin with her daughter in Shanxi long peak hemangioma hospital for the treatment of the second. After surgery, the stool was significantly improved, but still not radical. The two operation down, Gao Xinmin spent nearly two million yuan, while enjoying government subsidies, but the cost of treatment, for him, is an astronomical figure. According to Shanxi long peak hemangioma hospital doctor Zhang Bin introduction, the child’s condition is more stable, but still want to do surgery as soon as possible. If you want to cure, you need to spend nearly 5 yuan. When the child sent, apparently did not take a bath for a long time. The doctor and nurse Xianci, bought the child wash and other daily necessities, and reduces the operation fee of 7000 yuan." Zhang Bin said. In a lot of Quyu, wild jujube tree growing in the street or the edge of the cliff, the jujube each year from July to mature in winter. Pick up the wild jujube, became the main economic source of Gao Xinmin to feed one family. Song Yu primary school rest time is 6:40 every morning to go to school, go home at 9:30. At this time, Gao Xinmin to prepare breakfast for the two daughters. In the afternoon before 5, Gao Xinmin also well prepared dinner in advance, only the time to pick up Kay jujube相关的主题文章: