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During the colorful tourist activities diversified experience and improving the quality of consumption colorful tourist activities diversified experience and improving the quality of consumption throughout the city, the scenic holiday, give full play to local tourism resources, launched a series of rich contents, distinctive features and strong interactive participation in tourism theme activities, attracted many tourists stop to watch and enjoy the festive joy and tourism experience. Longquanyi District attaches great importance to the development of culture and integration of tourism, holiday town of Luodai launched the "Luodai Hakka delicacy Festival", "Hakka art show", "Hakka traditional folk cultural activities and other characteristics of the tour" blog "blog town town celebrate the National Day", "Chengdu sea flower Weiran land Art Festival", activities rich in content, brilliant, attract large numbers of tourists; 2016 held in Dayi manor Folk Culture Festival, visitors to the exhibition of Dayi traditional delicacy culture, local products, Western Sichuan folk wedding show "manor married Miss" and the traditional culture and folk art performances and other performances; during the Jinniu District Happy Valley national joint Tencent to launch the "HEY," fresh "theme activities the introduction of Tencent," QQ dazzle dance "" national "," brain "Master K three interactive entertainment is the Tencent Strong product, for the National Day rally. The short tour is still hot, rural tourism is still hot with the rapid development of rural tourism, rural ecological environment, folk activities and special delicacy to become the focus of attention of the visitors, ecological rural tourism, leisure and health tour, rural experience tour, rural sightseeing and other diversified tourism projects much favored by tourists. It is understood that the Jintang county to help farmers increase income as the core, vigorously develop urban leisure agriculture, quality, function and characteristics on rural tourism, vigorously create features of rural tourism line, planning to launch the rustic "tour", "two tour" tourist routes around the town, Wufeng; turn Dragon Valley a flower the opening of the new scenic spots and scenic spot Tianfu garden Watertown rural tourism development vigorously, has attracted many tourists into the village, into the countryside. According to statistics, during the national day, the county received rural tourists increased significantly, a total of 564 thousand and 800 people; others such as the hometown of peach blossom scenic area, agricultural village, Merlin happiness rural tourist attractions, tourist reception is also very popular, were tourists 61 thousand passengers, 63 thousand passengers, 170 thousand and 600 passengers.

旅游活动精彩纷呈 多元化体验提升消费质量   旅游活动精彩纷呈 多元化体验提升消费质量   假日期间,全市各地、各景区充分发挥本地旅游资源优势,推出一系列内容丰富、特色鲜明、参与互动性强的旅游主题活动,吸引了众多游客驻足观赏,尽享节日欢乐和旅游体验。   龙泉驿区重视文化和旅游融合发展,节日期间洛带古镇推出“洛带客家美食节”、“客家风情文艺表演”、“客家传统民俗巡游”等特色文化活动和博客小镇的“博客小镇喜迎国庆”、蔚然花海的“成都大地艺术节”,活动内容丰富,精彩纷呈,吸引大量游客;大邑举办2016年庄园民俗文化节活动,向游客展销大邑传统美食文化、地方特色产品,表演川西婚礼民俗“庄园小姐出嫁”以及传统文化和民间文艺表演等演出;金牛区欢乐谷国庆期间联合腾讯推出‘HEY,新鲜人’”主题活动,引进腾讯《QQ炫舞》、《全民K歌》、《脑力达人》腾讯三大互动娱乐性非常强的产品,为国庆造势。   城郊、短途游仍是热点 乡村旅游火爆依旧   随着乡村旅游的快速发展,乡村的生态环境、民俗活动、特色美食等成为游客关注的重点,生态乡村游、休闲养生游、农家体验游、田园观光游等多元化的旅游项目备受游客青睐。   据了解,金堂县以助农增收为核心,大力发展都市休闲观光农业,注重乡村旅游业的品质、功能与特色,大力打造特色乡村旅游线路,策划推出乡村特色“一日游”、“二日游”旅游线路;围绕五凤古镇、转龙鲜花山谷等A级景区和新开放的天府花园水城景区大力发展乡村旅游,吸引了众多游客走进乡村,走进田园。据统计,国庆期间,该县接待乡村旅游游客大幅增长,共计56.48万人次;其他如桃花故里景区、农科村、幸福梅林等乡村旅游景区,游客接待也很是火爆,分别接待游客6.1万人次、6.3万人次、17.06万人次。相关的主题文章: