Real estate intermediary in the middle of the night part-time car thieves smashed a window to steal wegener肉芽肿

Real estate intermediary in the middle of the night "part-time" car thieves smashed a window to steal the car more than 40 cases of crime are very popular nowadays part-time, recently Baoshan has such a boy, the day he was a real estate intermediary clerk, with the owners to see around the house in the area every day in the evening, until midnight, he had another Occupation: car thieves, and smashed the windows in the form of exercise or to steal. 21 morning, the reporter came to Gu village home district, the owner Liu told reporters, his car was stolen in the early morning of this month 18 people. Residential surveillance screen shows that 4:30, a car thief secretly close to the car, in a few minutes will be the whole window glass unloaded, then the thief will explore the body into the car to find property. After a while, probably heard around people walking, thieves quickly fled to the green belt disappeared. After receiving a public warning, Gu village police station conducted a careful investigation, through the retrieval of surveillance, the action law of the car thieves, and an Internet cafe in the criminal suspects in one fell swoop, after the trial, the thief’s identity is actually around the real estate intermediary clerk a district. According to the suspects confessed that he has been in the care of the village surrounding the District of continuous crime 40, all the broken windows form of car theft of property, has succeeded property value of 1 million yuan, and he broke the windows of the vehicle repair costs up to 1 million 5 thousand yuan, the case is still under further pending. "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai to take the high-speed rail to Kunming only 10 hours 3 days up to speed to the day of cold air strikes the morning minimum temperature only C temperature and rainfall affect traffic 200 meters of unknown obstacles now Shanghai port in the Yangtze river drifting Apple mobile phone can replace the battery replacement problem but quite demanding Shanghai the new motor vehicle license plate" 20 choose 1 "pilot" "loophole" cattle video recommendation: Tang Yan broke the bones feeling fast hands can easily touch the ear full leg anti people Li Xiaolu TFBOYS Joker dance flash blind Zhao Liying 10 years ago from the rural girl to pick videos to tear Zhang Tianai "Golden Eagle goddess" forehand Princess producer Wei Gan to praise these cancer their hand can touch the early prevention and monitoring process can not ignore the "live" Chinese car theft masked pry car (the stolen bike The video is for extension only Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

房产中介半夜“兼职”偷车贼 砸窗偷车作案40余起 如今很流行兼职,最近宝山就有这么一个小伙,白天他是房产中介的业务员,每天带着业主在小区里转悠看房子,晚上等到夜深人静的时候,他又有了另一个职业——偷车贼,而且还是以砸坏车窗的形式行使偷窃。21日上午,记者来到顾村大家园小区,车主刘先生向记者介绍,自己的爱车在本月18号凌晨被人偷盗。小区的监控画面显示,凌晨4:30,一名偷车贼偷偷靠近轿车,用几分钟时间就将车窗玻璃整块卸下,之后小偷将身体探进车内寻找财物。过了一会儿可能是听到周围有人员走动,小偷迅速逃窜到绿化带中消失不见了。接到市民报警后,顾村派出所民警进行了缜密侦查,通过调取监控,掌握了偷车贼的行动规律,并在一家网吧将犯罪嫌疑人一举抓获,经审讯,偷车贼的身份竟然是一名小区周围房产中介的业务员。根据犯罪嫌疑人交代,他已经在顾村周边小区连续作案40多起,全部采用破窗形式盗窃车内财物,目前已得手财物价值1万余元,而他所破坏车辆的车窗修理费也高达1万5千元,目前案件还在进一步审理当中。》》》大申今日推荐:上海乘高铁到昆明仅10余小时 3日达提速到当日达冷空气来袭明晨最低气温仅℃ 降温降雨影响交通200米不明碍航物现上海港 在长江江面随波漂浮苹果问题手机可以更换电池 但更换要求相当苛刻申城机动车上牌新政“20选1”试行 黄牛钻空子》》》视频推荐:唐嫣骨头感觉快扭断了 可以轻松双手反摸耳朵全程看腿识人 李小璐TFBOYS薛之谦斗舞闪瞎眼赵丽颖10年前选秀视频 从农村女孩蜕变到金鹰女神于正手撕张天爱 《太子妃》制片人甘薇给点赞这些癌症自己用手能摸到 早期预防不能忽视 监控全程“直播” 蒙面汉撬车偷盗 开轿车偷自行车 (该视频仅供延展。)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: