Finally,I get you! Niantic revealed Pokemon go will land in mainland China cagliari exchange

Finally,I get you! Niantic said "Pokemon GO" will be landing Chinese [TechWeb], September 14th news reports, at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, because athletes complained that "Pokemon GO" not in the Rio open, unable to play this game, as "Pokemon GO" developer Niantic immediately respond, the official in Brazil Rio open the game. With Hongkong, Japan and Taiwan and other Asian countries and regions have developed the game, players in mainland China look forward to the arrival of this game. Now, finally came the good news, Niantic CEO Hanke revealed on the TCDinsprut, the next game will be in mainland China or India. However, Pokemon GO to enter the mainland China to go through a lot of processes, which is bound to have an impact on the opening hours of the game. Of course, there are foreign players said that if it is not Tencent or NetEase agent, the game can never enter the mainland or china. Earlier, by the pocket monster GO in the global blitz of the impact of Nintendo’s stock price continued to rise, with the gradual retreat of this craze, Nintendo shares also fell phenomenon. But industry analysts, because the game has not yet Chinese in mainland open, fall is a normal phenomenon, if once in China mainland after the opening, Nintendo’s stock price will rise again. (lime)相关的主题文章: