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Assange: the leaks has nothing to do with Russia Hilary ambitious Sohu A-Sun chizh before the news made it clear that Russia did not provide Mr Hilary for the mail. (source: Russia today TV) Chinese daily on 4 November, (Sun Ruonan) on the WikiLeaks website released before the US Democratic presidential candidate Hilary’s campaign chairman John? A large number of mail on the U.S. intelligence agency said that the Russian government is planning a mail leak. However, Assange, founder of WikiLeaks in November 3rd explicitly denied this claim, saying that the source of mail is not russia. The Democratic Party of the United States has claimed that Russian hackers to get this part of the message and send them to Wikileaks, the purpose is to undermine Hilary’s election campaign. Last month, the United States Office of the director of national intelligence and the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement, the Russian government is convinced that the planning of the email leak, "steal (mail) and disclosure practices, it is in order to interfere with the election process". According to the British Daily Mail reported on November 3rd, Assange in an interview with today’s Russian television interview, refuted the Russian and WikiLeaks broke the news, said. Hilary has repeatedly said that 17 U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia is the source of our news release. That is wrong, we can say for sure that the Russian government is not a source of information…… The source of the mail, it is Hilary, chairman of the campaign, chairman of the John Clinton and his correspondent." Russia denies any connection with the leaks, the presidential press secretary Peskov, Dmitri? Said the U.S. argument is groundless statement. In general, Wikileaks will not disclose any information sources, but A-Sun said the leak in the odd Podesta mail, have to eliminate the phrase "no country" news source, "news source error statement, we have been silent, but this will only lead to speculation. We have endured this argument until they divert public attention". Assange said that after careful consideration, they decided to make public statements, the government denied the news source, because it does not increase the security risks of the real source. In addition, he also launched an attack on Hilary: "I actually feel sorry for Hilary, because she was full of ambition, but also to a morbid, in pursuit of ambition and even lose their minds."相关的主题文章: