At home, often being bullied was a 70 year old man killed his wife (video) lara fabian

At home, often being bullied was a 70 year old man stoned wife in October 3rd, Benxi station area murder occurred: a more than and 70 year old woman was killed by his wife with a stool. What is the reason, so that accompanied by more than 50 years old between the occurrence of such a tragedy between the two? In October 7th, reporters learned from the police Benxi, has not killed the old man to the Empress Dowager readme old two years, his perennial bullying, has been unbearable. Benxi police, October 3rd at 1:40 PM, a more than and 70 year old man came to the police station to Benxi station, said his wife killed the wife. Police on duty rushed to the old home, see all the blood splattered the house, old woman lying on the ground in blood has no breath. The police told reporters, after contact 120 officers to the scene to check, confirm the granny is dead. The old man gave himself up to the police about the incident: at noon that day, he and her family because of a trivial quarrel, Granny at her in bed, two people tear up, rolled to the ground, he gave granny punches, then climb up the chair to granny head smashed two or three. See the woman no longer struggle, such a no movement, the old man has been killed their estimated granny, went to the police station to surrender. The old man told police that he and the woman married 50 years, had a son and a daughter. So, what is the reason for the old man to live 50 years old this ruthless hand? The police told reporters, according to the old man tells the story, for many years old often because of household chores and their conflict, but also are more blocks, salty dishes such as anise trifles, the old man said granny has been strong, his perennial being bullied, really do not want to take it anymore. Said the couple is "enemy", like the old two people living together for 50 years but never resolve contradictions, can really become friends. In any case, the old man’s behavior has violated the law. The police, the old man has jingfangxingju, has conducted a forensic investigation of the scene, the case is still under investigation. Shanghe a man beaten to death son villagers petitioned for its.相关的主题文章: