Baidu President Zhang Yaqin AI will become the core competitiveness in a number of areas to create a

Baidu President Zhang Yaqin: AI will become the core competitiveness in a number of areas to create a new Baidu Sina exclusive Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin Sina & Li Gen Baidu President Zhang Yaqin has two important things in the world during the Internet conference. First, on behalf of Baidu and China Southern Airlines Group reached a strategic cooperation, the two is a trial by Baidu unmanned vehicles. In a test ride after he told Sina Technology, before the realization speed is expected to be fast, but also from the security and sensitivity of point of view, Baidu unmanned vehicle performance is very good, in the fully automatic driving level, this is a very good performance. At the same time, Zhang Yaqin also believes that this is one of the core of Baidu in artificial intelligence under the natural result, the president of Baidu said Baidu big data, master the learning algorithm of cloud computing and depth based on the application of artificial intelligence technology to a variety of specific scenarios is time problem. In October this year, Zhang Yaqin and Baidu’s chief scientist Wu Enda together launched the "Baidu medical brain", the official will be brought to the medical field of artificial intelligence, and machine learning, to improve the efficiency of doctor-patient communication, fast learning knowledge and experience to help top doctors more grassroots doctors. Zhang Yaqin said that the application of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine, not only based on the interests of the team, but also the business needs and user needs. Earlier, in the medical interrogation field, Baidu has completed the data collected and accumulated by the "Baidu doctor", now at the launch time. Also in the data can be introduced after the introduction of the XX brain areas there are many. Zhang Yaqin said that Baidu’s ability to cloud computing, deep learning algorithms and large data, can be in the field of health care, finance, education and other fields of artificial intelligence. The president of Baidu in artificial intelligence, Baidu has based on "cloud computing" core competitiveness, and this year will be the large-scale promotion of cloud services to go out, "this is one of the few years following Baidu main business and growth." Zhang Yaqin believes that the basis and strength of artificial intelligence technology, Baidu can create a number of new Baidu in a number of fields. "Our growth, in addition to search, link services, there are 4 growth point, a cloud, a car is an international, is a vertical business, such as finance, health care and education of these large growth point. And the core of this thing or technology. All the differences or rely on AI technology, big data analysis technology. If we can do well, I think it’s possible to build a new Baidu in every field." Of course, he also talked about the Sina Technology Baidu internationalization experience, and why the layout of the reasons for Brazil. But Zhang Yaqin also believes that with the development of the Internet into artificial intelligence competition, Chinese has the opportunity to turn to overtake, he believes that China company enjoys the advantage in the competition, in the past PC the Internet since the pattern will be broken. It is worth mentioning that, Zhang Yaqin also to Sina Technology to share the management and innovation of new business affairs experience, the Sina Technology interview with Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin dialogue record: for Baidu chairman Robin Li and Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin Sina Technology: you go today.相关的主题文章: