Beijing tiger wounding the zoo was questioned disguised misappropriated premiums (video)

Beijing tiger wounding: the zoo was questioned disguised misappropriation of insurance premium in Beijing Badaling wild zoo tiger attacks in July 23rd this year, Beijing Yanqing District Beijing Badaling wild animal world Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Badaling animal world) occurred in Northeast tiger attack, causing 1 dead 1 injured. (cover news had been tracking reports) recently, the media exposed, the parties did not buy the insurance company accident insurance products, so the insurance company can not claim. In September 21st, Beijing PICC Property Insurance Company also issued a statement, because some of the practices of the zoo, Badaling zoo has suspended and accident insurance cooperation. Gave the insurance premium but did not buy insurance in the end how? August 25th, Badaling animal world in a month after the suspension of business, re operating. The park hardware precautions were upgraded, installed on the power grid and other protective equipment. Opened just a week, the media have exposed, 7.23 parties and events do not have insurance information, passengers also found that 5 yuan of insurance sale ticket window is actually a "security card", is not the direct purchase of insurance. The front of the card printed: in order to protect the majority of tourists in the park play the safety, safety management measures for the implementation of real name system for visitors each a card, please hold the cards of visitors to the park for a formal reception department security documents, not for tourists to the documents can also obtain the security card, I need to provide a valid ID card and valid identity card number. According to the "Beijing Youth Daily" reported earlier, with a security card and personal identity card, visitors can exchange for a formal policy, the policy content is the insurance of Chinese travel within the travel accident insurance Peoples Insurance Company of China China travel within the travel accident insurance clauses (2009 Edition), the amount of 100 thousand yuan; additional Chinese domestic travel tour the medical insurance clauses, the insured amount 20 thousand yuan; additional limit or extend the contract area of insurance clauses (2009), the amount of 0 yuan, 5 yuan premium. After printing the policy, the staff will recover the security card. This means that even if the payment of fees, if not to the reception department in exchange for a formal policy, which does not actually purchase insurance. The passengers questioned the way the sale of Insurance Industry Park: the zoo once played in Badaling on suspicion of inappropriate profit of the animal world, Ms. Huang said, in her ticket, the conductor did not ask whether she need accident insurance, "said directly the fare plus insurance money." Despite seeing information security tips on the card, but Ms Wong said that did not do to complete the duty of disclosure, "most people don’t know what this meant, but I didn’t go to change the policy, this 5 dollars will not refund me." According to media reports, from the beginning of April 1, 2015, began to Beijing branch of PICC in cooperation with the Badaling wild animal world, selling "China travel within the travel accident insurance products". As of the incident before the tiger wounding, only sold more than 7000 yuan premium products. Insiders Mr. Cao said, this is actually the zoo and insurance company cooperation for personal gain, tourist flow in Badaling animal world are almost to a unit, the vast majority of tourists have no choice ")相关的主题文章: