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"The EU Sustainable Supply Chain Forum" held in Beijing – International – November 28 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Du Yifei) on November 28th to 29, Chinese by CCPIT, the EU Asia transformation project, the United Nations Environment Programme, the International Trade Center Co sponsored, Chinese CCPIT Institute and Jingdong jointly hosted the group "the EU Sustainable Supply Chain Forum" held in Beijing, more than 110 Chinese and foreign delegates. A forum on sustainable supply chain of textile industry as the breakthrough point, development trend, China EU trade and EU green trade to trade transformation driven by the textile industry supply chain green transformation and other issues to discuss, to strengthen international communication and cooperation in textile supply chain, together to build a China EU green trade channel. China and the EU are important economic and trade partners, China EU economic and trade relations have become a solid foundation for China EU comprehensive strategic partnership. The EU is China’s largest trading partner, China has long maintained the EU’s second largest trading partner status. In 2015, bilateral trade amounted to $564 billion 750 million, is three times more than ten years ago, an increase of 200 times more than forty years ago. In the context of Global trade downturn, the 1 – October this year, China EU bilateral trade still achieved an increase of 2.3%. Jiang Zengwei, President of the China Council for the promotion of international trade in the forum opening speech, said: at present, China and the EU are in an important stage of deepening reform, China EU cooperation is also in a critical period of speed upgrade. Looking ahead, China EU economic and trade cooperation has great potential and broad prospects for development." China is the largest textile industry in the world, but also the most complete industrial chain, the most complete range of countries. In 2015, China’s fiber processing volume reached 53 million tons, accounting for more than 50% of the world. Since China’s accession to the world trade organization, especially since the 2005 global textile trade integration, the rapid expansion of Sino EU textile trade scale. According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2015, China’s textile and apparel exports to the EU $53 billion 132 million, the EU textile and apparel exports to China reached $about 4000000000, more than doubled in 2005. Jiang Zengwei pointed out that China and the EU are the world’s major textile exporters and consumer markets, textile trade is an important part of bilateral trade between China and europe. Textile industry is labor-intensive industries, but also China’s traditional industries. China has a special competitiveness in labor costs, industrial chain integrity, processing capacity, and the EU in product development, technology design, brand and other aspects of the advantages can not be compared. The complementary nature of the two sides is very obvious, is a natural partner. At present, sustainable development has become a new topic in the field of international trade. The United Nations Environment Programme on sustainable production and consumption of the ten year framework for Charles in his speech pointed out: "in view of the current trend of global resource use and pollution, the value chain is the most competitive value chain sustainability. The next ten years, sustainable supply chain will be the supply chain mode is unique in the world, the sustainable development of energy efficient supply chain system, will ultimately achieve economic, social and ecological environment win-win." China attaches great importance to its holdings相关的主题文章: