Choo Ja Hyun sister drama with the broadcast cited concern is not afraid of being compared to Sohu E running man20130526

"Sister Choo Ja Hyun opera" simulcast cited concern confident comparison – not afraid of being "happy together" entertainment Sohu Choo Ja Hyun, Ling Xiaosu Choo Ja Hyun in "the temptation of home entertainment" Sohu by Choo Ja Hyun, Ling Xiaosu starred in "happy together" and "home" temptation "two sisters play", is currently in Jiangxi satellite TV and Guangdong satellite TV, attracted the audience launched a "life PK of forest products such as hot and high Barbara two characters". Choo Ja Hyun excellent acting, but also people sigh how a person can have such a multi-faceted charm. "Happy together": from the plot of "happy together" to lead "is the temptation to go home," four years after the original cast again for. Choo Ja Hyun played really high in order to keep the weak employment plan and the choice of the rap, he was unemployed, she and her brothers and sisters were suddenly faced with the dilemma of move out of the dormitory. Qiao Junhao (Ling Xiaosu ornaments) of her dark feelings and Du Zhengjie (Gao Ren ornaments) solid help, let more high real head, eventually, "ice man" and "warm heart man" who can win the heart? Let the audience look forward to high real choice. "Create" the temptation to go home during the Hunan TV premiere ratings myth has been difficult to surpass, lets the audience remember the "pain in the heart of the forest products such as, in the eyes of the audience for works of Choo Ja Hyun, and the acting skill of recognition and praise, laid the status of Choo Ja Hyun in the television market in Chinese. "Sister play": the strength of the screen show acting LianBo ten years, from the "heroes of the banner" in Shuilingguang, to the "wood house" in Le, from "Changan three exploration" in Wei Ruozhao, to "the last war" in Chen Jianyu, Choo Ja Hyun can perform well on the role of each type. For now the two "sister hit drama", Choo Ja Hyun is afraid to respect more confident. "Happy together" every night Jiangxi TV prime time hit, "the temptation to go home every day" is Guangdong TV Monday to Friday morning the four free, please pay attention.   相关的主题文章: