Consumers questioned Richemont fraud watches maintenance golden steel parts

Consumers questioned Richemont fraud: after the golden watches maintenance parts steel limited type watches maintenance parts after golden steel consumers questioned Richemont deposit fraud who lives in Shanghai, Mr. Chen Shanghai in June 2014 through the staff and friends of sale will be less than the purchase price to buy a piece of Luojiedu that brand watches. Luojiedu other brands belong to the world’s second largest luxury goods group — under richemont. The original price of 250 thousand yuan limit in the global watch only 28 pieces, is extremely precious, as Mr. Chen is quite satisfied with the watch enthusiasts. A year later, Mr. Chen found himself buying this watch go faster, then be sent to the Shanghai city is located in the Huaihailu Road of the Richemont group Shanghai customer service center for maintenance. After the technician testing, customer service commissioner told Mr. Chen, the service for the warranty period free comprehensive maintenance services, will be free to replace some of the required parts. According to the reporter, the maintenance is replaced one of the parts called automatic, is a component of an automatic watch module, is actually an eccentric hammer, can rotate, usually made of heavy metals. After the new table to buy, first on the foot, then as long as enough time to wear every day, automatic Tuo will be able to add energy to the spring source, so that the normal automatic table. Many watch brands have their own characteristics of the automatic pendulum, in the eyes of many professionals, automatic mechanical watches is itself a unique landscape. Gold automatic and Mr. Chen to buy this watch, see through the transparent cover of the watch, show a very high quality design. In January 2016, Richemont group Shanghai customer service center to complete the maintenance of this watch, and inform Mr. Chen to take table. Mr. Chen, who had thought there was no problem, took back the love table, but found that the sound and weight had changed. Mr. Chen took a look through the transparent cover after the watch, found that automatic original gold has disappeared, replaced by a steel automatic. Chen found the problem returned to the customer service center complaints. Richemont specialist check relevant records, immediately apologized and admitted that due to automatic parts orders, part number technician mistakenly chose different material automatic, error caused by the replacement of the original factory for the same caliber with automatic but different material. Chen told reporters that although the other side is to admit their mistakes, but he still has a lot of doubts. After all, this watch is a transparent cover, he was lucky enough to find parts to be replaced by the fact. If this is a closed cover watch, that replaced the wrong parts of the consumer, will not always be kept in the dark? What’s more, this is a piece of less than 30 of the world’s limited products, and not mass production products, how would there be maintenance personnel will be the most basic parts are wrong? Thus, Chen believes that the possibility of the existence of consumer fraud Richemont, so he put forward a claim to the other three claims for compensation. Richemont did not accept the request of Mr chen. Subsequently, Richemont customer service officer repeatedly with Mr. Chen communication solutions, including the watch will send back相关的主题文章: