Could An English Team Win The 2014 Champions

Football Dominance in European club football has never been a simple task, and with the amount of money which is being spent by the biggest teams , the competition is only increasing year-on-year. Winning the Champions League is regarded by many as the biggest prize available in club football and can be the moment in a footballers career which transforms them from a great player into a legend. How Have English Teams Faired In The Past? English teams have had mixed fortunes in the Champions League and its predecessor, the European Cup. In total 5 English teams have lifted either of these trophies, these include Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest in the early 80s, Chelseas victory in 2012, three titles for Manchester United which are split over 40 years, and Liverpool, who have won an incredible 5 times in their history . After Manchester Uniteds famous treble winning season in 1999 in which the club won the trophy alongside the FA Cup and Premier League, no English team would even reach the final until Liverpools 3-3 thriller in Istanbul in 2005. After this the English teams went through a period of performing well in Europe, with one featuring in every final for 7 years except for 2010. This culminated in Chelseas win over Bayern Munich on penalties in the Germans home ground . How Will they Do This Year? Last year saw a decline in achievement for all of the English clubs in the Champions League, with only Chelsea and Manchester United making it past the round of 16, and both of them falling short of the final. The places to get into the Champions League are now more limited than ever before within the Premier League, as only four spots are available with 6 clubs looking to take them . In this years tournament are league champions Manchester City along with Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool, who made it into the competition for the first time since Rafael Benitez won it with them in 2010. Chelseas current dominance in the Premier League, thanks to their new additions Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa, put them as favourites to bring the trophy back to England. Bloomberg Sports in America have recently put together their sports match analysis from the previous year to provide statistics for each country of their chances of winning the Champions League. Their data takes into account recent and historic performances of each club, transfer activity and the result of this years group stage draw. Their analysis shows that Spanish sides have the biggest chance of winning the competition at 40.1%. English teams are second in Bloombergs predictions with 25.9% followed by a team from Germany 21.4%. Little hope is given to French and Italian sides, receiving 5.8% and 4.2% respectively . Give Your Views On The Champions League And Earn Shopping Vouchers! If you would like to take part in surveys like the one mentioned above and give your views on the Champions League(and earn shopping vouchers for UK shops and online stores) then register today with Valued Opinions! Complete the registration form and you will be invited to join surveys which are chosen around your interests. Once you have earned enough credit from completing surveys, you can exchange the credit for shopping vouchers to use with some of the UKs biggest retailers! Visit and start earning shopping vouchers today. This article has been written by a third party. The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Research Now or its Valued Opinions panel. The information is presented without warranty, express or implied. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: