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Insurance The following story is about Ted Ramirez, a local Dallasite that is attending UT (University of Texas). He’s in his sophomore year, and recently made the decision to upgrade from his Cannondale Scalpel mountain bike to a new Ford F-150. Ted just met another student, Bethany, which lives miles from his locale, and he wants to ask CityFemaleFirstname out. Ted is definitely going to be needing a car for this if he wants Bethany to say "yes". There exists a slight problem though. He has enough money to buy the Ford F-150, but because he is only 21, he knows that even the most opulent insurer’s rate for a coverage policy is going to cost a substantial amount of cash every year. He recalls a Financial Responsibility class that the University offered earlier in the year where Professor Robert Brown covered impressive ways for college students to save money by using Local Dallas Insurers’ Auto Insurance Discounts. Part 2: Ted Decides to search for Citytrustworthy Vehicle Insurance Discount Information Continuing with our story, Ted decides that it is up to him to find Dallas auto insurance discounts, and transparent & honest information to advise him on the process. Grabbing his laptop, he promptly plops down on his bed, and connects to the internet on a wi-fi connection. Then he draws a blank. He tries to think about the best place to go to get information on the subject. Almost immediately, he has an epiphany. In his Firefox browser window, he types in HotBot.com and navigates to the site. First he attempts to search using the query "cheap auto insurance in dallas texas tx", but the listings returned seem off-the-subject. His next step is to punch in a query for "auto insurance Dallas Texas TX discounts" using the HotBot.com search tool. Interestingly enough, the very first listing on HotBot.com is for a site named .getaquote.com. He promptly clicks on the link, and a page appears with a alice blue-colored car logo in the top-right corner, and a huge Venetian red box with the text: Enter Your Zip Code to Get a Quote Now. "Oh Great" he immediately thinks. "They’re just trying to sell me auto quotes, and I need trustable information." Ted Finds The Dallas Chamber of Commerce Website A bit unhappy, he sits back and tries to recall what was covered in the Financial Responsibility class he attended. He remembers some decided info sources that Professor Brown mentioned, and one of them happened to be the Chamber of Commerce site for Texas. Because of the fact that the Chamber of Commerce’s writers/researchers are un-prejudiced, the information found on the site can be deemed more transparent & honest. With his new-found epiphany he quickly hits the ‘BACK’ button in the browser and is directed back to the HotBot.com search page. He quickly enter a new query for "Dallas Chamber of Commerce", and he is relieved to find that the top-link he clicks on features no opulent advertiser advertisements, a sure sign that it is more trustable, because their upfront goal is not to take any money from him. Ted surfs through a site a bit, and after just a few minutes finds a link to the Texas Department of Insurance website. Upon clicking the link he is transferred to .tdi.state.tx.us. "Cool" he thinks to himself a tad joyful, "Now I’m getting somewhere." He quickly eyes an Internal SITE SEARCH box, and enters in a search for "Dallas auto insurance discounts". On the page that .es up he clicks on some links that appear with a Venetian red-colored link on the SEARCH PAGE. Here is what Ted finds: 1. Good Grade Discount for Teens 2. "Occasional Driver" Status Discount 3. Distant-student Discount 4. Distant-student Discount 5. Good Grade Discount for Teens Where to Find Reliable Agents – Dallas Yellow Pages (Vehicle Insurance) "Now I need to find a list Dallas auto insurance agents", he thinks to himself. Remembering one of the better topics covered in the ‘Financial" class, he recalls the teacher stating that an impressive way to save cash was to get more than one quote – at least 4 different quotes from Dallas auto insurers. He navigates back to HotBot.. and tries a search for "us auto insurance services dallas", but the search results seem illegitimate. Recalling an earlier success he had finding agents, he visited the Dallas Yellow Pages-Auto Insurance page he had saved in his Favorites folder, and a list of all local Dallas auto insurance agents popped up in the browser. He thought it better to connect with an agent over the phone (versus online) so he could discuss which college student Coverage Discounts that the insurer offered. Interestingly enough, if he were to sign up online, he would be unable to individually apply for each of the Teen discounts, so – of course – an impressive choice would be to speak with an agent over the phone. Ted Manages To Conserve Some Cash After just 5 days, Ted was able to get back all the ‘quote responses’ from each of the 5 Noteworthy insurers that he applied to. Just as a test, he asked the insurers to give him 2 instantaneous quotes each: one quote with the Teen discounts applied, and the second quote without. With most of the agent replies, the price savings (with college student discounts applied) was over $267! With another insurer it was $353! "Totally Excellent!" he exclamed, "I guess being enlightened & insightful in my search for Dallas auto insurance was the impressive decision." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: