Five rare data inventory of the new season! The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

Five rare data inventory of the new season! The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong Kazakhstan cornerstone of the new season has begun for nearly 3 weeks, basically every team have played at least 10 games to do so for the data of the website, the sample size has to meet the basic requirements. You may think the knight will think of the eastern top ranked, breaking curry three point game ball record, but you absolutely can not think of the new season, the highest attack efficiency is the highest true shooting a man named Mike muscara player Atlanta hawks array. After a summer, NBA will always give us a surprise, especially in the case of NBA has a perfect data statistics, we can often find interesting scenes in the statistics. Therefore, we picked out 5 of the history of the rare achievements of data, take you to experience the fun of the new season. A total number of rare data: assists James harden than other team players. Under coach Danteni as "ball point guard", harden ball greatly increases the chance, he assists the crazy growth. After ten games, harden assists per game last season from 7.5 up to 13 times, in today’s 76 game, harden 9 assists in his assists failed to double for the first time since November. Of course, as the title mentioned, harden completed may be a year of Steve Nash have not done. The new season, harden has sent 117 assists, while other players a total of only 101. If harden can keep healthy, keep this assists efficiency, he might become Stockton after a single season sent at least 1000 assists players. In the 07-08 season, Paul was close to the record, when he scored 925 assists. From the current situation, James averaged 12.6 assists ahead assists second, less 2.7 times, he is also the new season so far only one assists per game in double player. Not only that, James averaged 30.3 points scored the same score ranked in the top five, even if the Rockets played a great season, the light from the data, the new season is likely to harden is his occupation career so far the greatest season. Two rare data: "brother letter" and "eyebrows brother" averaging 2 steals and 2 blocks in the data as apparently points and rebounds data seems to have impact, because "2" is not a difficult to achieve digital. But if you look at the history of NBA, but only three players do, Hakim Olajuwon and David Robinson 4 times, 1 times, from the recent this season is Gerrard Wallace of the 05-06 season. But this year, there have been two players temporarily completed this achievement, Anthony Davies averaged 3 steals and 2 blocks, Antwerp supporting Kong Bo averaged 2 steals and 2.1 blocks. Greece’s new star is the first player to win at least 5 assists and a total of 2 caps following Bill, and his overall performance is evident in the case of the player of the year in the city of Walton. Anthony Davies, although only the team achieved P相关的主题文章: