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Flyover historical cultural landscape belt in Beijing completed debut Channel – original title: Bridge historical cultural landscape belt completed debut in Washington (reporter Zhu Songmei correspondent Zhang Haitao) okimichi through the central to the Ming and Qing Dynasties shape restoration, lush flowers and trees on both sides of the spreading, 7 bridges on the axis, one is drawn into the underground passage the ceramic mural. Yesterday, with the formal completion at the southern end of the greenbelt, a 600 meter long bridge historical and cultural landscape with appearance of the south axis. Forming a complete sequence of the landscape. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the North Road and South Street Flyover intersection, I saw the broad road of central verdant vegetation, a narrow "garden" in the extension line, this is the just completed flyover with historical cultural landscape. It is north of new Yongan Road flyover, South to South Road, about 600 meters, the width of foot is 31.5 meters, north-south flyover area. Named for a white marble bridge bridge area, Beijing is the birthplace of civilian culture in ancient times, the folk artists gathered a stunt. "The wine flag plays the Bridge City, how many tourists do not remember the family", said is the lively scene which the common people play at that time. Now, here the cultural atmosphere is still strong, dotted, Tianqiao theater flyover art building and Beijing acrobatics theatre, Museum of natural history and art places. By the end of 2013, the landmark construction of the new bridge was completed, the end of the famous bridge history. It is also from that time, in order not to let the new flyover alone stationed in Xicheng District axis, started the construction of historical and cultural landscape: a bridge to the core, combined with the South Street Bridge Widening Project, the construction of a landscape belt. Into the "garden", just know it: the landscape with the hidden but beautiful spot on the ground to draw the Beijing axis, a bluestone okimichi overlapped slightly arched, runs through the north and the south. According to records, the central axis is the only way which must be passed during the two dynasties Royal heaven. The winter solstice, the emperor by the gate in the Forbidden City, a road to the south in Zhengyang gate, South Road flyover, to now, just turn left into the Tiantan. "This new okimichi Southern falls on the South Road, it is transferred to the node when the emperor of Tiantan." Landscape design is responsible for the introduction of Dong Yicong said. "The Royal okimichi bridge section had disappeared in the dust of history, to create a new, what was going to be on? Dong Yicong said that since the Zhengyang okimichi door all the way to the bridge, similar shape in the north. In order to keep the original appearance, he and his colleagues in Zhengyang under repeated measurement, has finally determined the width of 2.92 meters. Once the emperor accepted only okimichi, now has become a good place for leisure residents walk. Through the different sections of the terrain, the landscape also built 6 small parks, a few wooden benches scattered under the tree. Another important part of the landscape is hidden in the underpass of the new bridge. The channel is about 80 meters long, both sides of the wall by a thousand pieces of pottery mosaic, painted is the capital of the central axis of the 7 bridges. Look closer, on a piece of picture of the true to life: golden water bridge and Yongding bridge bridge solemn quiet, lively and brilliant bridge Bangshui yingshan…… Even on the complex)相关的主题文章: