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Following WeChat after Alipay will now charge 20 thousand per person based on the amount of free Alipay Phoenix Technology News News September 12th, March after WeChat started to collect cash fee, Alipay has just announced that due to rising operation cost, since October 12, 2016, Alipay will exceed the amount of free for individual users to cash 0.1% service charge fees individual users enjoy 20 thousand yuan per person a total amount of withdrawals free basis. After the use of the free amount of the base, the user can use the ant points for more free cash withdrawals. Alipay said, the final choice of cash rather than charging in other sectors, because users use Alipay payment frequency is much higher than. Users use Alipay more is used for a variety of consumer, financial, payment, credit card, mobile phone recharge, cash demand is relatively less. Only charges for withdrawals, the impact will be relatively small number of users. Each user has a total of 20 thousand of the amount of free cash refers to the user through the third party payment platform to transfer funds to the bank card, in March this year, WeChat has already started on the user is charged a fee of 0.1%, a total of 1000 yuan each user to enjoy free cash amount. According to reports, Alipay’s cash involved "withdrawals to my bank card" and "transfer to the other bank card" two functions. Adjusted in accordance with the rules, Alipay is also in excess of the amount of free part of the 0.1% to mention the amount of the service fee, the single service fee of less than 0.1 yuan to 0.1 yuan fee. Alipay personal users can enjoy 20 thousand yuan free accumulated amount of withdrawals. Announcements, in addition to cash, Alipay consumer, finance, insurance, mobile phone recharge, utility payment, registration, payment of traffic fines, the use of mobile phone Alipay Alipay to transfer accounts, payments and other services are not affected at the same time, users can also get free use of the integral ant. After running free of charge, the user accumulated points can be used to redeem the free cash flow. Alipay introduced, the exchange rate is 1, the ant points can be exchanged for 1 dollars the amount of withdrawals free, no cap. The balance of treasure turn out not affected is still free in addition, for the balance of treasure, Alipay announced that the balance of treasure funds transferred out, including transferred to my bank card and transferred to Alipay will continue to balance free. October 12, 2016 onwards, the balance of the user from the balance of the new balance of treasure funds transferred out only to return to the balance, can not be directly transferred to the bank card. If the user is worried about the balance of the money is paid, the money is now transferred to the balance of treasure will be the best choice. The charge from the "comprehensive operating costs rose faster" Alipay said in the announcement, the reason is that the "comprehensive management fee costs rose faster, adjusted cash rules in order to reduce some cost pressures. Prior to this, WeChat announced that the current charges also said that the pursuit of revenue is not moving, but to pay bank charges." Ma Huateng in March this year, the national NPC and CPPCC had introduced the third party payment business model behind: bank money to leave the bank system into the third party payment account, in fact is to collect fees, transfer fee to相关的主题文章: