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Foreign media: the United States and Russia conflict increased risk   combat cited concerns – Guizhou channel hot – original title: foreign media: the United States and Russia conflict increased risk of all-out confrontation led war concerns The Associated Press reported in October 3rd, October 3rd, with Washington and Moscow will suspend the end of the war in Syria to the failure of the diplomatic contact, and Russian President Putin suspended the United States and a related weapons grade plutonium agreement, a serious deterioration in relations between the United States and Russia have been very nervous. On the face of it, these two things have nothing to do with it. But they all highlight the deep mistrust and tension between the former Cold War enemies. Russia’s "opinion" website reported on October 4th that the United States will realize the previous threat, suspended contact with Russia on the issue of Syria. Earlier, Russia tore up the agreement with the United States to deal with weapons grade plutonium, because its conditions to Washington were almost impossible to fulfill. In this context, the debate about the possibility of global nuclear war is rampant again. In recent months, the debate in Russia and the United States, nuclear weapons will be mentioned from time to time. For example, the Russian Foreign Ministry recently issued a strongly worded statement that the U.S. strategy is tantamount to swinging on the edge of the nuclear war. Russia refers to the US against the inf treaty, the deployment of anti missile system in Romania, "three-in-one" nuclear update all of the key components. There is no doubt that all of the people of moscow. In September 29th, the Moscow emergency administration issued a shocking statement that all the basement of the capital should be checked and registered in order to re plan the bunkers of the whole city due to the implementation of the new regulations on civil defense. In October 3rd, the relevant news continued: first, the Ministry of emergency will launch a nationwide civil defense drill, covering more than 40 million; secondly, Russia suspended the agreement with the United States to deal with weapons grade plutonium. All of these events caused people to get nervous and get into trouble: is it really going to be the end of the world? If Russia and the United States have a direct military conflict, this is inevitable. Whether it’s in the computer virtual world or in the real world, Russia is ready for the worst. Large scale, uninterrupted military exercises have become normal. Even so, the strategic rocket soldiers’ exercises are also extraordinary. Today, ordinary people are also involved in the preparation of shelters, civil defense training, we try to open, let the world know this, intended to "the other side of the ocean" to pass two messages. Number one: we’re ready. How about you? Second: if you don’t have to have adventure, luck, we will die together. We hope that this will be enough for the American elite to make clear judgments and to show due restraint when deciding through a vital decision. (TU min, Chen Kangqing: commissioning editor) 外媒:美俄冲突风险升高 全面对抗引热战担忧–贵州频道–人民网 原标题:外媒:美俄冲突风险升高 全面对抗引热战担忧 美联社10月3日报道称,10月3日,随着华盛顿暂停与莫斯科就结束叙利亚战争的失败努力进行外交接触,并且俄罗斯总统普京暂停了与美国一项有关处理武器级钚的协议,已经非常紧张的美俄关系严重恶化。从表面上看,这两件事并无关系。但它们都凸显了这对前冷战敌人之间深深的不信任和越来越紧张的关系。 俄罗斯《观点报》网站10月4日报道称,美国将先前的威胁变现,中止了与俄罗斯在叙利亚问题上的接触。稍早前,俄撕毁了与美国有关处理武器级钚的协议,因为它向华盛顿开出的条件几乎是无法履行的。在此背景下,有关全球核战争可能爆发的议论再度甚嚣尘上。 近几个月来,在俄美的唇枪舌剑中,核武器不时会被提及。例如,俄外交部不久前发表了措词强硬的声明,称美国的战略不啻为在核战争边缘摇摆。俄方指的是美违背中导条约,在罗马尼亚部署反导系统,更新核“三位一体”中的所有关键组件。毋庸置疑,莫斯科对所发生的一切如临大敌。 9月29日,莫斯科紧急情况总局发表了令人震惊的声明:由于民防新规的落实,需对首都所有地下室进行清点登记,以便重新规划全城居民的掩体。10月3日,相关新闻继续传来:首先,紧急情况部将展开全国性的民防演习,覆盖人数逾4000万;其次,俄暂停了与美国之间有关处理武器级钚的协议。 上述所有事件令人们开始神经紧张,陷入困扰:难道事态果真会发展到迎来全球核末日的地步?倘若俄美爆发直接军事冲突,这是必然的。 无论是在电脑虚拟世界还是在现实世界,俄均已做好了迎接最糟糕情形的准备。大规模、不间断的军事演习成为常态,即便如此,战略火箭兵的演习也显得非同寻常。如今,普通居民也被牵扯进来,筹备避难所、接受民防训练,我们尽量公开化,让全球知道这一点,意在向“大洋彼岸的伙伴”传递两条信息。 第一条:我们已经准备好了,你们呢?第二条:倘若你们冒险,则不必怀有侥幸心理��我们将同归于尽。 希望这一切已足以令美国精英在通过攸关存亡的决定时,作出清醒的判断,表现出应有的克制。 (责编:涂敏、陈康清)相关的主题文章: