Guangdong media before 8 only Guangdong Beijing Xinjiang Liaoning each hard problem candle june

Guangdong Media: the top 8 only Guangdong Beijing Liaoning Xinjiang hard power each in Guangdong and Beijing this season are not ideal newspaper sports commentator Huang Jiahuan CBA regular season last night countdown to the second round, Liaoning Guangsha respectively in the first half and hit 78 points and 77 points for the playoffs, seems to wipe "artillery attack". However, in my opinion, it is not the standard playoff mode. The regular season and the playoffs are essentially different, mainly reflected in the spot scheduling psychological changes, players and coaches of the difficult situation to deal with. To do the above points, can be regarded as the real playoff hard team. Of the top eight teams, Hongyuan and Beijing are the best. The top eight winners in the playoffs, halo, Hongyuan heritage more reflected in the top-down club experience, it is a pity that they will meet the last two years the playoffs in Beijing. So, don’t look at the recent Beijing in the regular season, the final rounds of the playoffs to mediocre, they will be "automatic blood", which is a lot of teams don’t want to touch them in the first round of the playoffs. In Hongyuan and Beijing this year in the regular season ranked are not ideal, this year to participate in the other playoff team will have more chances to win a championship, the former eight, in addition to Zhejiang, other have rush champion strength. In this case, it depends on who switches to playoff mode first. The current good momentum in Liaoning during the final stage of the regular season was tough, even if they pass the first round, the second round into whether can maintain the momentum is still unknown now. Xinjiang in the replacement of foreign aid after the need to run this batch of individual players out of strength, but never experienced the playoffs, especially the finals of this exercise. Sichuan has three foreign aid, natural ferocious, but has always been a playoff experience team. Shandong had a big impact on Wu Kejin’s mentality after the game, not just losing a few games. Whether in Liaoning, Xinjiang, Sichuan or Shandong, they all need as soon as possible to enter the playoff mode in the corresponding period of time, whether it is to lose the game or not, or a key moment of the match of sharpening, or continuous adjustment of a few game or otherwise in their playoff fighting force in Hongyuan, Beijing under the.

粤媒:前8仅广东北京有硬实力 疆辽各有各问题 广东与北京本赛季排名均不理想   本报体育评论员 黄佳欢   CBA常规赛昨晚进入倒数第二轮,辽宁和广厦分别在半场轰出78分和77分,似乎在为季后赛擦拭着“进攻大炮”。   不过,这在笔者看来,并不是标准的季后赛模式。季后赛与常规赛有本质上的区别,最主要体现在队员的心理变化、教练员的临场调度以及对困难局面的应对之上。   能做到以上几点的,才能算得上真正的具备季后赛硬实力的球队。目前前八名球队中,做得最好的是宏远和北京。顶着八冠王的光环,宏远在季后赛的底蕴更多体现在俱乐部自上而下的经验上,可惜的是他们最近两年遇上更会打季后赛的北京。   所以,别看最近北京在常规赛最后几轮表现平平,他们到了季后赛必定会“自动加血”,这也是许多球队不想在季后赛首轮碰他们的原因。   在宏远和北京今年在常规赛排位均不太理想的情况下,今年参加季后赛的其他球队就有了更多的机会去争夺总冠军,目前前八中,除了浙江外,其他都具备冲一冲冠军的实力。   在这种情况下,就要看谁先切换至季后赛模式了。目前势头甚好的辽宁在常规赛最后阶段没遇到硬仗,即使他们通过首轮,进入到次轮能否还能保持如今的势头还是个问号。新疆在更换了外援后需要重新磨合,这批队员单个拿出来有实力,但从没有一起经历过季后赛,特别是总决赛这样的磨炼。四川有三外援自然凶猛,却始终是一支没有季后赛经验的球队。山东在吴柯禁赛后心态受到巨大影响,已经不只是输掉几场球那么简单。   无论是辽宁、新疆、四川还是山东,他们都需要尽早在相应的时间段进入季后赛模式,无论是一场输球也好,还是一场比赛关键时刻的磨砺,或是几场比赛的连续性调整也罢,否则他们在季后赛的战斗力会在宏远、北京之下。相关的主题文章: