Hubei province level scenic spots start remediation unqualified area will be delisted-soulseek

The launch of the province’s A-class tourist scenic spot rectification unqualified area will be delisted from the newspaper news (reporter Kuang Zhida correspondent Li Qiaoling) yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Commission announced that from now until this year 12 month 31 day launched the province’s 2016 A-class tourist scenic remediation. If scenic spots in tourism safety, service quality, tourism toilets, public infrastructure, operating environment 5 aspects of non-compliance, will face the most severe punishment to cancel a class qualification. The Provincial Tourism Commission introduced the province’s scenic spots campaign will focus on tourism safety, service quality, tourism toilets, public infrastructure and business environment and other aspects, scenic security system, emergency disposal plan is in place, tourism safety management, traffic organization, consulting service is in place, tourism layout is reasonable, the toilet the number can satisfy the need, the logo is eye-catching appearance, guide signs, warning signs, service name and logo system is reasonable, will become the focus of the inspection and rectification. At the same time, strict supervision of scenic spot ticket prices, crack down on "wild guide, black car", put an end to environmental pollution in scenic spots, maintain good scenic environment order, and constantly improve the level of tourist attractions in our province service quality, as well as A-class tourist attractions reputation and tourist satisfaction. The current round of regulation will be carried out in three stages. From to October 20th, the scenic spots were fully self examined; from October 21st to December 20th, the provincial cross examination was carried out, and the Provincial Tourism Committee carried out the summary and acceptance from December 21st to December 31st. For the rectification work is not active, visitors reflect more cities will be notified of criticism, the rectification is not in place scenic spots will be informed, criticized, warned, serious warning, reduce or cancel the grade punishment.

湖北启动全省A级旅游景区整治 不合格景区将摘牌   本报讯(记者匡志达 通讯员李巧玲)昨天,省旅游委宣布,即日起至今年12月31日间启动2016年全省A级旅游景区整治。如果景区在旅游安全、服务质量、旅游厕所、公共基础设施、经营环境5个方面不达标,将面临最重取消A级资格的处罚。   省旅游委介绍,此次全省A级景区整治行动,将重点围绕旅游安全、服务质量、旅游厕所、公共基础设施和经营环境等方面进行,景区安全制度、应急处置预案是否到位,景区旅游安全管理、交通组织、咨询服务是否到位,旅游厕所布局是否合理、数量能否满足需要、标识是否醒目美观,导向指示牌、警示牌、服务设施名称等标识系统是否合理,都将成为检查整治的重点。同时,严格监管景区门票价格,严厉打击“野导、黑车”,杜绝景区环境污染,维护景区良好环境秩序,不断提高我省A级旅游景区服务质量以及A级旅游景区的美誉度和游客满意度。   本轮整治将分三个阶段进行。即日起至10月20日各景区全面自查;10月21日至12月20日为省内异地交叉检查;12月21日至12月31日省旅游委进行总结验收。对整改工作不积极、游客反映较多的市将予以通报批评,对整改不到位的景区将视情给予通报批评、警告、严重警告、降低或取消等级的处罚。相关的主题文章: