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Koreans also produce a film on the Chinese not in recent years, the Korean film collective portrait of doping, blowout output of commercial works, almost all types have so few of the hugely popular leader was born. The improvement of the quality of Korean film, also accompanied by the rapid industrialization level of film production, gradually began to emulate Hollywood, chungmuro also appeared in the iconic film industry zone. Chungmuro film I think back toward the great Hengdian and the ten inside nine rotten "commercial production", is really envy ah!   these fires a Korean film, who are more or less the same trait, exposed human darkness, distrust of the government, police and other public power, the role of extreme behavior, exaggerated dramatic stories, express strong emotions or repressed or cruel. Because I have always in Chrysanthemum only hand over days, and there is no classification system, we made the film either visual scale or contents of the scale, are far less than the Han Ying, this is probably the total root cause of Korean film can spread in the network of the explosive. This year, there are a lot of Korean film by a large number of Chinese fans attention, "cry", "Miss", "Busan", caused a wave of discussion turns. Take "Busan" on the Korean week box office list, is a disaster film, but the film is not strange compared to zombies, pattern of small lot, this movie is even half the time it was a one-man show, but a wonderful degree is not inferior to those hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people making big melee. This is a film directed by Jin Chengxun, one of the "national actors," such as "the tunnel", which is directed by the director of the Chinese people’s Republic of China, such as Wu Dazhu, the president of the Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, and the state of China, such as the "tunnel" by the people of the world. The release of the film a month has won four at the box office champion, viewing of nearly 7 million people, is the longest stay in this week box office champion on a. In South Korea’s most influential portal NAVER, "tunnel" audience rating 8.64, professional score of 7.21, both higher than the "Busan line" of 8.58 and 7.10, the standard reputation of the box office double harvest. "Tunnel" is the third director Jin Chengxun works, in 2014 he was directed by the gangster film "end" and the audience know. The description of small Ejing down evil police "to the end" in South Korea, the three most important film awards — the Dragon Award, bell prize, paeksang Arts Awards for best film nomination at the same time. Jin Chengxun himself with this film also won the paeksang Arts Awards for best director and best screenplay award, Qinglong, not beef cattle? Do you say a cow? "Tunnel" adapted from the novel of the same name, is talking about a family and the United States ordinary company staff, trapped in the collapse of the bean curd tunnel under the national attention and efforts to survive the story. The director is still in the movie show relentless media and government behavior, but you have to admit that in those shallow are very real in life. As the actor is now Korea’s hottest actor He Zhengyu, he starred in the movie these years almost reached the "Ministry of hot"相关的主题文章: