Laugh and cry! Foreigners robbed China noodle boss shouted at you a knife I have two robbers, scared e3300

Laugh and cry! Foreigners robbed China noodle boss shouted at you a knife I have two robbers, scared because they don’t want to wake up during the day, want to sleep at night, the news that her sister has black eye with smokey-eye make-up effect. Hum, brother in front of the giant panda, this black eye are war 5 slag well. Recently, there are a lot of American media coverage of the giant panda. November 5th, was born in Atlanta zoo panda twins "powerkat" and "beauty" to return to the expiry of the lease China. Early next year, the National Zoo in Washington, "baby" will return to china. Round fat man, goodbye. American friends are very reluctant to say that you can not use Trump to exchange? Oh! Trump? What he wants to do is not good. Anyway, just as many Americans as brother, who have been rounded to the "fat" Adorable is broken, resulting in the U.S. had a panda as a diplomatic bargaining chip. No giant pandas, the American people do not agree, politicians said the need to be cautious. The plot from the drama "Madam Secretary", take the wrong script like mad black Chinese without integrity, called America’s "Japanese oratorio". The drama is not only ordinary people obsessed with the giant panda, and even the Secretary of state is also the assistant of the panda loyalty. Under pressure, madam Secretary decisively made the decision, great courage, great style, great wisdom. See this result, brother on the spot scared to lie prone. If the animal can think, the giant panda is the enemy of jealousy, the same animal, margin Zha so big? This world is not fair. November 4th, the city of Anhui, Lu’an, the villagers found themselves in a flock of ducks in a particularly ugly, do not know what species, so the alarm. Finally, the police investigation found that ugly ugly, but they are a real white swan, but it looks ugly minors. Because the flight Tilibuzhi fall back to the ground, you succeed in duck inside. The villagers finally relieved, no wonder ah, how can I feed my family so ugly duck. It seems the haze is not big enough, it would be muddle through. Yesterday, the Beijing airport tower, the alien down will not be found. These two days of haze is very serious, many flights were canceled, and some even directly return. In many helpless pilots, there is always a special spring. You see, people not only to achieve success, but also to arrive in advance, the Russian mission will be characterized by the experience of heart stimulation you deserve to have. In fact, Costa Rica is not surprised, after all, in 2014, when the haze in Beijing, a Russian airliner is 12 in the middle of the night in Inner Mongolia, a full turn around the circle of eight and a half, and so the wind came to the capital airport. Well, this is very powerful, Russian aircraft. On the fighting spirit, brother felt a little less than the Chinese race battle is weak, the hand on hand is not a charlatan. Recently in Queensland Australia, there is a robber moving from a Chinese noodle idea, he rushed into the restaurant boss handed a piece of paper, write "I have 1 knives, give me the money". So the store boss Hu pretended to take money into the kitchen, the robbers dumbfounded when coming back. Do you have a knife? I have two, do you die a turtle sun, scared and ran for the door. Out of the mix do not just grab the Chinese ah, do not know to have practiced Kung Fu? You’re short of money.相关的主题文章: