Liu Qiang East wrist control bureau the fourth pole Jingdong can achieve breakthrough

Liu Qiang East wrist control bureau "the fourth pole" Jingdong can achieve breakthrough? Wen and Wang Yujia, editor, Xu Tan at 9:30 in the morning, "Chinese entrepreneur" reporter walked into Liu Qiangdong that more than 200 square meters of office, and like every morning for the past ten years, Liu Qiangdong has had already found. At this point, 25 km from Tiananmen square in Beijing city of Yizhuang by sea has just ushered in the first day of the surging crowd. Outside the subway station by tens of meters, full of metallic Jingdong headquarters is very lonely, far away from the city center, the surrounding buildings no larger than its body. The first rays of the morning sun, tens of thousands of people across the city of Beijing, in. "I live in the company." Liu Qiangdong said. Business for 18 years, Liu Qiangdong used to set an example: "everyone can be late, but you can’t, not ever. If you go to work at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, the brothers must be at three or four in the afternoon." Close to the electricity supplier who love and hate double eleven, he bluntly, busy no longer eat boiled cabbage, diet, to restore a normal diet. A new year, a husband for father Liu Qiangdong, a workaholic character did not change. Jingdong mall CEO Shen Haoyu transferred after the gang, the mall’s 10 major executives have reported to him, a total of the group of 18 executives to report to him, and in 2014 before the listing, he directly managed only 8 people. When the "Chinese entrepreneurs" reporter asked him: "do you want to quickly find a new mall CEO?" He answered immediately: "for a long time." It is difficult to avoid the fact that, for a long period of time, Jingdong is recognized as the second largest after BAT, the technology company has been listed, the market value of more than Jingdong only BAT. High cold, Liu Qiang east from all sides of the pressure and questioned, such as stock prices, such as earnings, such as executive turnover. In June 2016, the Jingdong headquarters in Yizhuang, all the lights all night long line employees to stay up late to work overtime Jingdong anniversary "6.18", the Jingdong in the capital market performance is close to the freezing point. "6.18 days ago", the Jingdong’s share price barely hold $20 shares, shares closed at $20.13, compared to 2015 June record of $38 in shares of Jingdong (Jingdong record the highest market value of more than $50 billion), almost cut price". The main investment in the Asia Pacific stock market Singapore Bi Sheng information management (APS Asset Management) senior analyst Sid Choraria, investors in the social networking site occupation SumZero, according to the Jingdong published a 50 page analysis of the article, said the price was extremely overvalued (wildly overpriced). Jingdong started relying on the business model of the electricity supplier, Jingdong equity investment performance, management team tenure…… All aspects of the company have been questioned by the Wall Street. The domestic media is fast fashion, a large number of articles to ask: "what time Jingdong profit?" "It’s not this year,.相关的主题文章: