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Messi fired twentieth career single season 5 goals of any super Ronaldinho hit high occupation – Sohu Sports Video – Barcelona brilliant tactical Messi Su God with a penalty Cruyff tribute from the data, Lewis – Suarez is the best player in barcelona. But from the trend of the field, Messi is the key to the real sir. Messi to Barcelona to break the deadlock, and direct manufacturing team second and third goals, 3 to 1 score makes CELTA gave up resistance. Before the penalty spot, Messi chose to pass the ball to Lewis – Suarez. The flea gave up his 300th Spanish goals, but helped the Uruguay people perform a hat trick. Real Madrid and Atletico all won in the current round, and the pressure was all over barcelona. Messi had just undergone a kidney stone surgery last week, and none of them knew how successful the fleas were. But Messi quickly got the fans back, and he was really back on top. Messi is no longer with heavy, continuous breakthrough he put flowers around the tree to reproduce Nokamp, he even towards referee Hernandez Hernandez breakthrough and timely change to the recovery of anti Messi Prana is black judge blocking the way forward. Lewis – Suarez made two free kicks, Messi scored his first shot, but the second shot flew into the net. At the top of the arc, Messi kicked a classic free kick with speed, strength and angle with his left foot. It was Messi’s twentieth free kick in Barcelona’s career, and he surpassed Ronaldinho with 19 free kicks, not far from Coleman, who scored 23 goals. Messi made his career high with 5 free kicks this season, the record being the four goal of the 1213 season. It is worth mentioning that, Messi these 5 break all choose to kick the ball to the left side of the goalkeeper, fleas are obviously accustomed to this shooting direction. Compared with the foul place, Messi throws the place 7 meters forward, which makes the flea play shooting accuracy advantage and avoid the weakness of the top power. After Guidedi scored a penalty, Barcelona still rely on Messi to put the game out of suspense. In fifty-eighth minutes, Messi suddenly sent a note in the middle of the pick, Lewis restricted the right of Suarez offside after direct volley. 16 minutes later, the game was out of suspense, and Messi’s straight forward made Neymar win a single shot. The Brazilian goalkeeper disc zero angle shovel, Lewis – Suarez in the line before the ball into the net. The number one hero of this goal is still Messi, who delivers a torn pass. More classic scene, appeared in eightieth minutes. Messi in the vicinity of the other bottom line on the right side of the area had to steal, Joey from behind the Messi hook down on the ground. Having scored 299 goals in La Liga Messi, 12 yards before suddenly choose to cross, Lewis – Suarez high-speed plug tuishe right after. Judging from the tacit understanding of the timing of the two people running, the two people in South America definitely carried out related exercises beforehand. Barcelona and CELTA battle, is carried out in the local time on February 14th night. On the night of Valentine’s day, Messi and Lewis – Suarez gave a perfect interpretation of the intimate love of football field. )

梅西轰生涯第20任意超小罗 单季5球创职业新高-搜狐体育 视频-巴萨绝妙战术点球 梅西苏神配合致敬克鲁伊夫   从数据上看,路易斯-苏亚雷斯是此役巴萨表现最好的球员。但从场上走势来看,梅西才是真正的关键先生。梅西为巴萨打破僵局,并直接制造了全队第二和第三个进球,3比1的比分使得塞尔塔放弃了抵抗。而在点球点前,梅西则选择将球传给路易斯-苏亚雷斯。跳蚤放弃打进个人第300个西甲进球,而是帮助乌拉圭人上演了帽子戏法。   皇马和马竞都在本轮获得了胜利,压力全在巴萨身上。梅西上周中刚刚进行了肾结石手术,谁都不清楚跳蚤如今到底恢复了几成功力。但梅西很快让球迷们安下了心,他的确已经重返巅峰了。梅西不再步履沉重,他穿花绕树的连续突破重现诺坎普,他甚至向着主裁埃尔南德斯-埃尔南德斯突破并及时变向,追防梅西的普拉纳斯则直接被黑衣法官阻挡住了前进的路线。   路易斯-苏亚雷斯制造了两个任意球,梅西的第一次射门滑门而过,但第二次射门就飞入了网窝。在禁区弧顶,梅西用左脚踢出了一记兼具速度、力量和角度的经典任意球,皮球越过人墙后直飞球门右上死角。这是梅西巴萨生涯打进的第20个任意球,他超越19次任意球破门的小罗,距离打进23球的科曼也不远了。梅西本赛季5次任意球破门缔造生涯新高,原纪录是12 13赛季的四球。值得一提的是,梅西这5次破门全都选择把球踢向门将左侧,跳蚤显然习惯于这一射门方向。相比犯规地点,梅西罚球地点向前推进了7米,这使得跳蚤发挥出了射门精度优势,并且规避了力量非顶级的软肋。   在圭德蒂点球破门之后,巴萨还是靠梅西让比赛失去悬念。在第58分钟时,梅西突然在中路送出一记挑传,路易斯-苏亚雷斯禁区右侧反越位后直接抽射破门。16分钟后比赛失去悬念,梅西的直传使得内马尔获得单刀机会。巴西人盘过门将零度角铲射,路易斯-苏亚雷斯在门线前将球送入网窝。这一进球的头号功臣,仍然是送出撕裂式传球的梅西。   更加经典的一幕,出现在第80分钟。梅西在对方禁区右侧底线附近抢断,琼尼不得不从身后将梅西勾倒在地。已经打进299个西甲进球的梅西,在12码前突然选择横传,路易斯-苏亚雷斯高速插上后右脚推射破门。从两人传跑时机的默契程度上来看,南美二人组事先肯定进行过相关演练。巴萨与塞尔塔之战,是在当地时间2月14日晚上进行的。在情人节的夜晚,梅西与路易斯-苏亚雷斯完美演绎了何为足球场上的亲密爱人。   (丁武) 天才!梅西复制克鲁伊夫世纪点球 西媒膜拜(图)相关的主题文章: