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UnCategorized With many things to deal with and decisions to make, it’s sometimes easy to forget the vital things required to make a wedding .plete. You must be aware of the most important wedding accessories and their respective uses, doing this makes wedding planning easy and stress free. In this article I’ll look at the six most popular wedding accessories, each of the 6 accessories serves a particular purpose and must be included in the bride’s list. Wedding Garter For the uninitiated, the wedding garter is a decorative band made of plastic that the bride wears beneath her wedding gown. This wedding accessory is .monly used in the garter toss ritual done at the wedding reception, hence the name garter. This accessory also .es in two sets, both matching, in the ritual one garter is tossed and the other kept as a keepsake by the bride. This accessory is very important for the continuation of the garter toss ritual and also forms part of the brides underwear garments. Wedding Guest Book and Pen These are used at the wedding reception for recording the names and blessings of all the guests present. Majority of couples retain the guestbook as a keepsake item for future memories of their special day. Toasting Glasses Flutes and toasting glasses are another special accessory reserved for use by the bride and groom. Guests and bridal party members usually have their own separate sets of glassware, this is a way of ensuring that the bride and groom use novelty items which distinguishes them from everyone else’s. Toasting glasses are also a good addition to the reception decor, plus they’re also a good keepsake for the bride and groom that can be used in the future anniversaries. Knife and Server Knife and server are usually used by the bride and groom to cut and serve the wedding cake. This is a .mon accessory in almost all wedding cake photographs and also forms part of the cake cutting ritual, this is precious wedding accessory that is also a keepsake. Many couples reuse the knife and server from their wedding in their first anniversary. Cake Topper Wedding cake toppers are just as important in weddings. With a lot emphasis being put on the cake decoration, and especially monogram being most preferred. Many wedding cake photographs feature the cake topper and this has made it an important accessory to remember. The Ring Pillow and Flower Girl Basket The ring pillow is used to hold the wedding bands carried by the ring bearer. The flower girl basket is used to hold flower petals or other decorative items carried by the flower girl in order to introduce the bride in a special way. Couples who choose to include children in their bridal party need to equip those children with a ring pillow and flower girl basket. Both accessories enrich the wedding ceremony through their visual appeal, as well as the purpose they provide. The process of selecting the essential wedding accessories can be more enjoyable when couples have a clear list of the accessories they need and an understanding of the specific purpose each accessory has to execute certain tasks within the wedding festivities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: