National Highway 318 line in Luding caused by traffic accident motorcycle driver flew deep (Figure)

National Highway 318 line in Luding caused by traffic accident motorcycle driver alighted deep groove (Figure) for firefighters trapped on the motorcycle driver to rescue Sichuan news network Chengdu on November 5th news (reporter Liang Peng Li Heng Li Shiling) today (5) morning at about 11, 318 National Highway Ganzi (micro-blog) a traffic accident happened in Luding County Ditch Bridge of poaching Ya’an (micro-blog), a licensed tanker and a motorcycle collision, causing the motorcycle driver flew down deep, missing. The local fire department immediately after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene to rescue. 10 minutes later, the rescue forces arrived at the scene of the accident, firefighters immediately in-depth search and rescue the incident. After more than and 20 minutes of carpet search, firefighters eventually found the injured in a mixed tree. After preliminary examination, the driver’s leg was seriously injured, consciousness is clear, but does not rule out the internal situation. In order to prevent the rescue of the driver caused two injuries, firefighters use a stretcher and rope to take a little way out of the injured driver on the rescue. After rescue team members, the scene of the joint efforts of the police and the masses, the injured were successfully rescued, temporarily out of danger by the scene of 120 medical personnel rushed to the hospital for treatment. Currently, the cause of the accident is under further investigation of the relevant departments. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading van high-speed flying vehicle for whiteboard相关的主题文章: