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Travel-and-Leisure Take a route to the National Parks in India and you will surely be bewildered by Indias wildlife that they breed. The unique and diverse wildlife that one will witness in the gaunt lanes with thick forests, tall grasslands and scattered growth of bushes, one will surely experience the Goosebumps in their skin. Watching the wild beasts of the park lolling around clumsily or enjoying a perfect sunbath, while the docile ones graze around the green patches of lush green grass, herds of deer humping and jumping behind the tall green grasslands, they seem to play a game of hide and seek and others are found stalking their prey. Taking a wildlife safari will be the best suited option to discover Indias kingdom of the wild. Ranthambore National Park Sprawling at a huge area Ranthambore National Park once visited will tell the tales of the ruined pavilions and the history with which it is attached. Being one of the most popular haunts for the tourists and wildlife lovers, in this park unlike other parks one can easily witness tigers lolling around clumsily or hunting sambar near the lake. This park is not only famous to stop out the big cats but also other species of animals as well, like chinkara, black bucks, sambar deer, mongoose, jackals, Indian foxes and others. Apart from the wild beasts one can also indulge himself in watching an array of beautiful birds which are found here like the gray hornbills, kingfishers, Asian palm swift, owls, flinches ,egrets and many more lovely birds can be seen here. This park is not only known for the wildlife it breeds but also because it is the largest park to conserve the tigers. Kaziranga National Park Kaziranga National Park known for its rich flora and fauna this park sustains the growth and development of the one-horned rhinoceros, elephants and tigers. The most popular haunt of the bird watchers, one can witness a collection of rare birds and animal species. The wild habitat of this park includes rhinos, wild elephants, buffalos, Indian bison, Swam deer, gazelle, leopards etc. This place is a permanent and a make shift home of the rare species of native and migratory birds, which find this place as the ultimate haven. Popular birds like pelicans, crested serpent eagle, swamp partridges and Bengal florican heron are found here. Experience a wild safari in Kaziranga and sense the blood gushing down your veins. Periyar National Park For all the adventure lovers who are looking for the most enthralling jaunt to witness the wildlife of India, take a route to Periyar National Park, which truly is a paradise of animals and birds. It is an ideal place to spot out elephants, leopards, tigers and other animals of the forest. One can easily spot out the white bellied tree pie, Nilgiri wood pigeon, blue-winged parakeet, flycatchers and laughing thrushes. The natural beauty that one will spot around in this place like its beautiful forests and the waterfalls will simply be mesmeric. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: