No fake divorce! Financial executives wards Adventure do not buy this life again (video) lara fabian

No fake divorce! Financial executives wards Adventure: do not buy this life before [Abstract] the rapid rise of prices, everything is wrong: the real people out of chaos, to buy a house, the service handling department is also chaotic rhythm. Feng Zi and his wife orange are working in Beijing financial institutions, high income, but in the wards of this matter, they feel the hitherto unknown weakness. Fake divorce era house purchase under the policy of "Chinese" divorce "once, the office of the people gathered together to chat, I do not know how to pull the divorce certificate is what color, people immediately think of me," Feng Zi, you too, you know. "." Feng son said he only smiled. In December last year, the son of the peak is located in Beijing, Fengtai District, a two bedroom old house to sell, for a set of Chaoyang District three bedroom new premises, this is a good thing. But I did not expect that, a buy and sell, he experienced countless twists and turns tribulation. At the time of the Beijing property market is hot, the peak in the wards, buy a house in the peak B wards, buyers of the B A in the room, the house sold to the peak C the same D C wards, and the seller is discharged. A – B – C – D – peak five interlocking, who can not drop the ball. This is the time and now Beijing second-hand housing market on the customary phenomenon. At the beginning of the September Beijing Chaoyang District, reselling property transactions, the market is still hot. Some media reports said the transfer number within 25 days price over $200 thousand. Take two weeks to prove that you are your real estate, because only up or down inertia, become a safe haven, a strong rise in the first floor is expected to stimulate the second-hand housing market began to smoke. Feng Zi and his wife orange are working in Beijing financial institutions, position is not low income, however, in the wards of this matter, they feel the hitherto unknown weakness. Last December, the opening of the subway near the peak of the sub district, have strongly felt the subway, peak sleep, unbearable. At that time, the price of the city of Beijing has not yet started. Peak son began to actively search. Near the end of December, second-hand housing prices quickened. Beijing second-hand housing transaction volume in the subsequent comprehensive blowout, one day a price of the crazy market, people sentiment is provocative to the extreme. Although Feng Zi long stay in financial institutions, know that "do not buy or buy up" is a taboo, however, in front of house prices, all the textbook idea all in vain. Feng Zi non-stop, I went to see a "King" apartment layout, the seller charges 4 million 700 thousand, real estate license under the age of 2 years, to pay more than $190 thousand in sales tax is also recognized, Feng Zi on the spot and the seller signed the purchase contract, the final transaction price is 4 million 665 thousand. The completion of the transfer of the contract within 105 days, the peak need to complete the transfer before April 30th. After buying a house, the son began selling real estate, small intermediary brought a couple of small buyers, the price of 2 million 300 thousand yuan, the final transaction price of 2 million 280 thousand, almost the entire district is the most expensive. The two sides signed a purchase contract, agreed to complete the transfer within 120 days. Peaks and oranges are not Beijing accounts. According to the regulations, can only have a set of housing in Beijing, it is necessary to transfer the first two rooms to the seller in order to get the name of the home buyers to go through the transfer process of the three bedroom, the 120 day is obviously too long.相关的主题文章: