Peerless master poster exposure set file the beginning of Amber Kuo Wei Fan LED aptana studio

"Peerless master" poster exposure set file the beginning of Amber Kuo Wei Fan led the Tencent entertainment news today, the movie "peerless master" held fixed gear conference in Beijing, carrying all the creative director Lu Zhengyu officially announced the scheduled 2017 lunar new year. This also means that the film was officially kicked off the new year stalls. Conference, director and actor Lu Zhengyu carry starring Amber Kuo, Wei Fan, Joan Chen, Huang Ling, starring Kong Lianshun, Yang Di, Kodak, Kurada Hosho, Alan, Zhao Yingjun, Wei Xiang and Xu Wenshan appeared together, and this is the first exposure of the creative team. It is understood that the movie "peerless master from the title" the creation of famous film former Lu Yu network IP. From the film side announced the pilot posters and "intensive" version of the pilot notice, the film is a Lu Zhengyu style with peerless Kung Fu and dark cuisine hilarious mix. "Do not want to cook when the writer is not a good director Lu Zhengyu dormant for three years shot the movie" to make all people happy "as net generation’s veteran creators, Lu Zhengyu already in the public mind left a profound influence. In his early days he won a "hip-hop Quartet" fame in the network, then the network movie "peerless master" led "hip-hop Trilogy" created a network drama and movie network times, many viewers said that the first time to see the network drama is the works of Lu Zhengyu, the first payment online movies is the works of Lu Zhengyu, opened up a new world the door. However, in the rapid rise of the net generation time, Lu Zhengyu was a storm behind the scenes to study cinematography. He has been the co writer joined the "Westward Journey" and drop the article, as co writer and executive director in this year’s Lunar New Year stalls in the movie "Mermaid". The movie "peerless master" is Lu Yu big screen directorial debut, in this conference, under the host Wang Cong, Lu Zhengyu "peerless master" dance dancing debut, with three labels: New World gate Tuishou, born mad comedy, not handsome to a friend. And with the host and guests on the opening of the hole hole interaction. Lu Zhengyu at the scene witty answer three big label as "new world push", Lu Zhengyu said, when their web series when charging, very moved, but in the end did not receive the money, I feel cheated. In the face of "natural mad comedy" title, Lu Zhengyu thinks he is a very literary youth, but life is short, I hope everyone happy, so I chose this delicacy and comedy collocation joyful theme. When it comes to "handsome to no friends", before the change of modesty: "handsome not only appearance, but also versatile, such as me." Attracted the audience laugh again and again, praising the director wit. "Fallen Street" show "peerless delicacy snacks flourishing furnace pot of rice soup" surprise appearance Amber Kuo hug the Lu Yu "degenerate Street open street celebration conference site to restore the main film scene, showing a mysterious and talented men still remained in concealment snack street. The press conference, Lu Zhengyu, Wei Fan, Chen Chongji led Amber Kuo daughter Xu Wenshan to form the "furnace pot of rice soup" peerless combination debut. In the host under the guidance of several stars were selected from the "degenerate Street" props, Lu Zhengyu endorsement "brilliant," said furnace furnace fire!相关的主题文章: