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Pegasus shares announcement of actual control contingency dynamic controlling party Internet Group surfaced hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my original title: Pegasus shares announcement actual control change controlling party Star River World Internet industry group surfaced in October 12th, Pegasus shares announcement that the Kashi Galaxy intends to 2 billion 937 million yuan transferee shareholder funds of venture capital Pegasus 356000000 shares, the price of 8.25 yuan per share. Kashi galaxy to Xu Maodong’s Galaxy world wholly owned company, after the completion of the transaction, Pegasus shares control will change, Xu Maodong through its holding of the galaxy world Pegasus shares the actual controller, accounting for 29.97% of the shares. Announcement shows that no acquirer in the next twelve months, the main business of listed companies significant adjustment plan. However, from the listed companies’ sustainable development ability and profit ability, and improve the quality of assets of Listed Companies in the perspective of the acquirer and concerted action does not rule out in accordance with the capital market and other relevant laws and regulations, the possibility of trying to adjust its assets, business within the next twelve months. The Internet industry formed Galaxy unveiled the world matrix according to informed sources, the public view of the world to the galaxy, has a "carrier class" extension scale, is connected with the Internet industry, using the Internet to reconstruct the traditional industry chain Internet industry group. The market has long been known as a one-stop business service platform is the Internet Galaxy, Galaxy corner of the world. Galaxy world with Internet technology to achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, the reconstruction of industry chain and business chain, optimize the industrial efficiency, intended to create smart globalization business service network, to build a world-class Internet industry group. The world’s only galaxy has a number of listed companies, as well as Galaxy interconnection, space and other galaxy group, respectively in the industrial cluster of Internet business matrix plays a different role. The Milky way is a one-stop Internet business Internet service open platform, providing a one-stop Internet entrepreneur and full cycle three-dimensional entrepreneurial services, focusing on the company "forming" stage, including providing core services, joint venture projects, funds, as well as financing space, R & D, marketing, recruitment, training, business security, finance, legal and other more than 100 business infrastructure services. Has co founded more than and 100 Internet Co, including Egg Lars (SZ 002619), WOWO Limited (NASDAQ:JMU) has been listed, the small, micro grid, cloud vertical, hives, gold dispensers, science, flash has become the leading enterprise benefit industry segments. Galaxy space group as the Internet plus real estate group, the integration across all types of real estate resources, platform + online and offline operations combined into sharing economic model, the service Crowdsourcing way of leasing, construction, sales, management, flag of相关的主题文章: