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Popular IP TV drama adaptation over? People in the industry: the need to grasp the plot – Beijing data figure: "Tomb notes" poster. The film side provides Beijing September 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lou Xiao) the day before, adapted from the novel of the same name film "Tomb notes" after the release of hot lead. Coincidentally, also based on the novel adapted into film and television drama "smiled very little" after the launch, but also controversial. In this new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) survey found that, despite the increasing number of literary works on the screen, but many of them have been accused of adaptation too large, deviate from the original. Therefore, insiders pointed out that the film and television drama, after all, is different from literary works, in the atmosphere of the control, the plot and the need to take a long time to grasp. In recent years, based on the popular IP adaptation of the film and television works beyond count, adaptation of "excessive force" has been the most worried about the original fan. Even a work came to be adapted, fans please do not destroy the original "voices can be heard without end. TV drama "Dear translator" aired was Tucao and the original "no half dime, fans and even joked," play Cioffi and Cheng Jia Yang with the hero of the novel is the same name?" Miu Juan, the author of the translator’s novel, also believes that "the TV series keeps the character’s character, but the story is a little far away from the adaptation!" Data figure: "smiled very little" poster. Film side to provide the movie seems like the main characters in the game, the plot did not understand, into the daily life of the online game players, and the two dimensional and real life is too hard to switch." Watching the movie "smile" very little Fan Xiao believes that the film lost a lot of fragments in the novel, the plot and the original there is deviation. The movie version of "smile is Qingcheng" director Zhao Tianyu said in an interview, the screenplay and had modified the draft, "the original movie is life, is life, before many movies just part of the original essence directly shot out, no life, no soul, like a zombie," smiled very little "in addition to retain the original features and the main plot, we also hope to give the film a new life". Data figure: "Tomb notes" poster. The film side provides references adapted from the popular IP movie, you have to say the World tyrants sing the "ghost chuideng", "ghost chuideng" two big screen work "nine layer" and "demon tower" was released in 2015 after another dragon tactic. Among them, the nine layer of the demon tower because of the disruptive nature of the very strong, change the intensity is too large, and even the introduction of prehistoric monsters and alien civilizations, including the original author, including the poor. The World tyrants sing openly and "nine layer" demon tower to disassociate themselves, emphasized that any aspect of their creation never participated in the film, even the director Lu Chuan and producer of film company to court, claiming it tort claims million, once triggered a discussion on the right of integrity, adaptations of literary works and the author right of reputation right outside. Readers have seen the film after that, "the nine demon tower" should be regarded as an independent Chinese science fiction film, but by the "ghost blows the lamp," the fame, it is recommended not to treat it as相关的主题文章: