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Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge coral blue version in the official website on sale soon! Sohu technology with Samsung Note 7 discontinued delisting, the explosion has been basically subsided. But from February next year, MWC released Samsung GALAXY S8 listed at least 4 months time, how to spend this gap? Samsung’s answer is to S7 Edge new original Note 7 exclusive coral blue. This color version started simply for the market China Taiwan and Singapore, but because the mainland is indispensable Chinese Samsung high-end flagship model source of sales, so Samsung recently in this color version of the line in the country’s official website. The Samsung Note 7 standard is 64GB (128GB version is not released, so the emperor) the only coral blue color for 64GB Galaxy S7 Edge, and the 32GB version of S7 edge and S7 then missed the match. However, in the details of the official version of the page, the machine to buy gold platinum light color support, and black diamond and coral blue grey option is not optional, so at present from the coral blue version officially on sale may also need a period of time. That is, the coral blue on the Note 7 itself also belongs to the online version of the limited sale, so even if the coral blue version of S7 Edge officially started selling the stock estimates will not be too much. This blue mobile phone can be said to dominate, such as HUAWEI, P9, SONY glory 8 XZ new machine is equipped with a Samsung Note 7 color, but the blue coral with its close to the blue color, both fresh and fashion impression, or from the blue machine sea talent shows itself. It is no exaggeration to say that if there is no explosion, coral blue + hyperbolic Note 7 may lead to a new design trend. Therefore, if you really like this color, may wish to buy a coral blue S7 Edge, you can also make up a little regret. (cover: from Samsung)相关的主题文章: