The black terminal of the normal terminal shoreline erosion a stirring among the dry bones formed an

The black terminal formed an overwhelming shoreline erosion a stirring among the dry bones of the regular terminal Beijing at the end of May this year, 657 illegal wharf of Hubei Yangtze River, into the "367 illegal dock ban a number of" category has completed a comprehensive ban, repaying more than 40 kilometers coastline. However, the Economic Information Daily reporter survey found that due to the strong demand for gravel market, the current illegal rebound in the Yangtze River Wharf pressure. Some departments have diminished in long time pressure regulation, some illegal dock owners started a new life in a sneaky way. The industry believes that the illegal dock management must set up illegal results not easily won, wharf long-term inspection mechanism, to prevent illegal dock a stirring among the dry bones. Quietly rebound: "the black terminal" up to 50 "overwhelming" reporters in recent years along the Yangtze River survey interviews found that, especially in the upper reaches of Yangtze River area throughout a large number of unlicensed small pier, mostly gravel pier. These terminals are scattered, poor facilities, unregulated, widespread tax evasion phenomenon. After the special rectification, some illegal dock attempt to start construction. A state-owned port enterprises responsible person told reporters that the port of the city where the company has a total of 4 regular ports, and black pier, but up to about 50, the number of the formation of the overwhelming advantage". "Black" pier "like" psoriasis "erosion in the Yangtze River Yangtze River shoreline resources, now want to find a place to build a regular terminal, really very difficult." Zhou Xiaoqi, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission Department of basic industries had in a press briefing, at the end of May this year, the Yangtze River illegal dock has 1256, including 31 in Sichuan, Chongqing 103, Hubei 657, Hunan 39, Jiangxi 63, Anhui 245, Jiangsu 118. There are 49 illegal ports involving drinking water sources. Director of Hubei Port Management Bureau Wang Yanghong said that a large number of unlicensed, crude production facilities of the "black dock", taking up valuable shoreline resources, and the lack of professional equipment, there are security risks. The illegal occupation of the river had a serious impact on the Yangtze River flood capacity, waterway conditions, ship operation safety, ecological environment etc.. At the same time, there are some illegal sand mining in river, repeated, bed stability, destruction of the ecological environment of the Yangtze river. Since last October, the office of the leading group in conjunction with the Ministry of transport, Ministry of water resources, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of housing and urban construction departments and provinces along the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River port, to carry out special rectification of illegal illegal sand mining. At the end of July, has shut down the illegal dock 600, standardize and improve 351, of which 367 in Hubei province included in the "illegal dock ban a number of" have all been banned. However, due to the strong demand for sand and gravel market, the current illegal dock rebound pressure. Wuhan City PMB Jiangnan Institute Qian Zhikang told the economic reference news "reporter, although Wuhan is planning 10 sand distribution center, but also put into operation more than a year, this time how to regulate and guide the owners in the designated area of the transition, both to meet the market demand.相关的主题文章: