The drunken man chased good Samaritan and police were injured by the court by

The drunken man chased good Samaritan and caused police were injured by the court prohibition information times dispatch (reporter He Xiaomin correspondent Liu Jiaxing Li Hanbing) man drunk after a chapter, not only beat the good Samaritan, don’t cooperate with the police, the police were injured, causing damage and other law enforcement recorder. Recently, the Conghua court in accordance with the law to make a judgment, Zhang guilty of obstruction of public service, sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for a period of 1 years. This is the Conghua court for the first time issued a prohibition". Drunken man was playing against passers-by to help the evening of March 28, 2016 at 22:20 PM, the tea business in Guangzhou Conghua Zhao ready to shut down, found near the sidewalk to lay a stout man in a chapter, a passing woman that man looks miserable, you dialed 110. Zhao Mouze back to the store, poured a glass of water ready to get a drink. Who knows, when Zhao went to the side of a chapter, "said handsome to him, drink up", a chapter suddenly to Zhao head. Two, also stood up and chased beat zhao. A few minutes later, the police received an alarm call two police arrived on the scene, Zhang Mou to show identity, and tried to prevent him beat zhao. Unexpectedly, a chapter is very excited, excited and beaten with fists one of the policemen, and the police will be pushed to the ground, causing the police head hit the roadside electric box and get hurt. Another police immediately stepped forward to stop the violence, a chapter, not only with nails scratching police face, feet will play police fingers bleed, and pulled off the police enforcement recorder, and the police tear. Zhang was taken on a police car, another police bite. After identification, three injured police were slightly injured degree of injury. Later, due to Zhang’s wife is about to give birth to a hospital, you need to take care of the family in the chapter of the injured were compensated, apologized, the three injured are said to be willing to understand zhang. Sentenced to probation and prohibition of alcohol trial, a chapter that you drink a pound of wine in the evening of March 28th, was feeling drunk, but I don’t remember what happened after drinking. For others to pursue their own, hinder the behavior of police enforcement, Zhang said a very remorseful. Recently, the Conghua court obstruction of official crime, sentenced to 10 months imprisonment, suspended for a period of 1 years, prohibiting a chapter in the probation period of drinking. The judge carefully in violation of prohibition decree issued on the prohibition of alcohol, criminals, is not only a kind of punishment, is also a kind of behavior during the period of probation supervision measures, purpose is to avoid repeated crime. Declared criminal probation violation of prohibition, the circumstances are serious, it shall revoke probation, the implementation of the original penalty. The people’s Court of the people’s court that has made the probation judgment shall, within one month from the date of receipt of the notice of revocation of probation by the local community correction institution, make a ruling according to law. The decision of the people’s court to revoke the probation shall be effective immediately after it is made. Violation of the prohibition order, in any of the following circumstances, shall be deemed to be "serious": (a) more than three times in violation of the prohibition order; (two) for violation of the prohibition order by the Public Security Bureau of the order of 7相关的主题文章: