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The establishment of Chongqing "charity eye health clinic 12 million aiyan fund helping poor people – Beijing new network in Chongqing in August 30, (Zhong Yi) Chongqing City Charity Federation in Chongqing on 30 Tracy Ireland Eye Hospital set up Chongqing’s first charity eye health clinics, clinics will provide long-term relief and assistance to the local eye match record poor conditions or not in the difficulties of the masses. The same day, the Hunan charity foundation and Chongqing Aier Eye Hospital Macquarie jointly signed the "health poverty alleviation? Bright Zhukun" project agreement, the establishment of 12 million yuan of "Chongqing charity fund aiyan". "The purpose of the project is to let the poor, needy people raise awareness of eye care, reduce the chance of causing poverty due to disease decreased ability of life." Hunan Charity Foundation vice president Chen Maosheng said, the project will be in the next two years, Chongqing’s poverty and the difficulties of the masses to provide eye eye health science, medical assistance and so on. At the same time, to have been suffering from cataracts, pterygium, children myopia, astigmatism, diabetic fundus disease in children with eye diseases, bailout steps and subsidies, medical assistance for charity fund. Deputy Secretary of Chongqing city CPPCC Chongqing municipal Charity Federation President Liu Guanglei said that since September 1st, the first Chinese "charity law" will be formally implemented, the law approved the implementation of marking work will enter in a new era of good "". Liu Guanglei said, the next step, Chongqing charity will be docking Chongqing Office of poverty alleviation and development, mobilize social charitable organizations, volunteers and other social forces are helping the local poor eye patients. At the same time, called for more people to join the community of caring people and charity. It is understood that Chongqing is the range of bills need to help the eye of poverty, the difficulties of the masses can account for the location of the charity or for Poverty Alleviation Office of Chongqing City Charity love fund ", individuals will receive subsidies 200 yuan to 600 yuan to help.相关的主题文章: