The Thrill And Excitement Of Desert Safari -pppd-175

Travel-and-Leisure Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most amazing trips of a lifetime. The adventure and the thrill that you is an amazing opportunity which one must certainly avail. Deserts in Dubai form one of the most famous places to visit while in Dubai and enjoying a desert safari adds to the .plete flavor. The entire tour of Dubai is like in.plete without the Desert Safari. Dubai is known for its famous deserts which shine and attract many tourists through their beauty. In a way one must visit the famous deserts of Dubai for getting a feel of the nature close to oneself and experiencing the people and lifestyle of the deserts. The shape of the small sand deserts found in Dubai clearly resembles with what one can only see in the paintings. Therefore one must enjoy the world renowned Dubai desert safari to observe a different aspect of nature where nature sheds its own blessings in the form of sparkling sand. The light wind and the quiet atmosphere will for sure give a relaxing feeling and touch ones heart and soul. Once in Dubai, the experienced and the professional expert tour guides will take you from the hotels that are specially designed only for the purpose of desert safari. The expert tour guides will guide the way through the remarkable deserts and bring you to experience the famous and breathtaking experience of the dune bashing, also known as sand bashing. One can experience riding up and down the beautiful sandy mountains in a small car. The thrill that one gets on this ride is un-imaginable and is a memory that will stay in your mind forever. Once finished with the sand bashing the tour guides will give an opportunity to have fun riding the camels. One can experience the camel safari where by the guided camels will get you to the most exciting places on the deserts. One fills with joy while riding the camels and enjoying the beauty of the sandy deserts. As soon as the tourists are done with the camel riding they are also given a chance to experience the sunset on the famous sun view point. After that, it is always preferred to get the tourists to the desert camp where they are treated with a 5 star BBQ menu. The food is prepared by the experienced chefs who well cater to the needs of every individual. The famous and highly qualified belly dancer then presents a special Arabian belly dance which creates an enjoyable atmosphere at the dine. The old tradition of sheesha pipes is still in existence. Men are wel.ed to taste the great sheesha pipes; and the expert Heena makers warmly wel.e and make special designs of Heena for the ladies. Tourists get thrilled to see an atmosphere full of passion and enjoyment that .es to an end with a final tour back at night, where the tour guides makes its way through the sandy deserts back to the city and cordially drops the tourists back to their hotels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: