The United States government is pointing to the total amount of gold shipped to Iran or $33 billion

The U.S. government is pointing to the Iran secret transport gold or the total $33 billion 600 million – Beijing Chinese daily on 9 September, according to the Washington freedom beacon website reported on September 8th, according to the disclosure of the U.S. Congress will expert testimony, 2014 to 2016, Iran received a total of Obama government secrets out of $33 billion 600 million ($224 billion 200 million yuan) in cash and gold. Reported that from January 2014 to July 2015, the Obama government in finalizing the agreement the Iranian nuclear issue during the final details, Iran received $700 million per month (about 4 billion 670 million yuan), and the money from previous sanctions by the United States frozen funds. According to the American research institutions "to defend democracy foundation executive director Mark? The CI Du Bouvy, eventually, Iran received a total of $11 billion 900 million (about 79 billion 400 million yuan), but the specific mode of payment of the money is still a mystery. All count, Iran may receive a total of up to $33 billion 600 million in cash, gold or other precious metals." Dube Fitch disclosure. September 8th, the Obama administration officials confirmed that this year, the United States before the release of the hostages in Iran, the United States was forced to pay $1 billion 700 million (about $11 billion 300 million) in cash. These senior government officials insisted that the use of cash is the best way to pay, because Iran is under Western sanctions, it is difficult to obtain international funds, so pay cash to ensure that Iran immediately get the money. "Iran can only accept cash," the U.S. Treasury Department is responsible for the implementation of intelligence affairs and legal assistant general counsel Paul? Ahern told members of Congress that "Iran clearly knows that if they cash in cash out of the way, in terms of access to and use of funds will face many difficulties, even after the removal of sanctions." Ahearn stressed that the payment of cash is the most reliable way to ensure that Iran in time to get the money, and this is the foreign banks tend to use the payment method. After the news was confirmed, members of Congress and others have pressed the Obama administration to open up details of how the Iran nuclear issue has been negotiated over the years to pay other money to Iran. "In July this year, The Associated Press quoted U.S. government officials as saying that it is estimated that Iran ‘take home money close to $20 billion (about 133 billion 500 million yuan)". Are these funds paid in cash, gold or other precious metals? Is there a formal financial system?" Dube Fitch in the house finance committee put forward a series of questions to testify, he asked the Obama administration to explain whether the $20 billion including the Iranian nuclear issue a joint action plan involving $11 billion 900 million, including "whether or not, find out how the money is to go out of this very important. The worst case scenario is that Iran may receive up to $33 billion 600 million in cash, gold or other precious metals." At least part of the money is likely to be transferred back to Iran in cash or other assets, Dube Fitch said. Michael, a former U.S. Defense Department official, is a.相关的主题文章: