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The woman was in a car accident in Japan for many years tracing round dream Wuxi amnesia for the Wuxi public security police for the Modern Express News (reporter Zhu Jingrun) 46 year old Ms. Dong left in 1992 to work life, Japan suffered a car accident, causing amnesia in Japan, then lost contact with their families. In September this year, she was alone back home tracing, after many, has been unable to find the family. On the morning of September 26th, Ms. Dong came to Wuxi City Public Security Bureau for help. After the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau administrative licensing service detachment multi contact search, finally confirmed Ms. Dong’s birthplace, and with her brother in Nantong made contact. The siblings who had not been seen for years were reunited in Wuxi. According to the materials provided by the police, Ms. Dong is 46 years old. She holds a Japanese residence permit and a Chinese passport. "September 1992 passport, when her account is canceled."." Police, Ms. Dong want to help Wuxi public security resume residence, and find their relatives and friends. "I have not come back for more than 20 years, before I had a car accident in Japan after the accident, there is a little bit of amnesia, family circumstances do not remember." Because of the trauma of the car accident, Ms Dong has been vague about her previous life, only know that she married a Japanese person many years ago, and soon after her feelings broke up and divorced, after she worked, she had been unemployed, relying on the government’s bailout money, life is very hard. At the beginning of September this year, she returned to the roots, but because they do not know their own identity, has removed the three to seek help. "I just remember that I was from Jiangsu, and then I came to Wuxi to try." Ms. Dong said. "In the system can only find a Nantong address, we managed to contact the Nantong police, through a variety of search, linked to Ms. Dong’s brother." With the help of the police, she finally found Ms. Dong’s brother, and confirmed by video. Modern Express reporter learned that September 26th at 2 o’clock, Ms. Dong’s brother from Nantong to Wuxi and told his sister, brother, sister, married in 1992, Japan, who knows a few years ago and the family lost contact. "Since the sister accident, we lost contact, these years we also asked Japanese friends to help find, there has been no news." Younger brother introduction, these years, the mother body is not as good as the past, paralyzed at home. When he saw Ms. Dong from the video call of Wuxi police, he recognized his sister as soon as he saw him, and cried on the spot. Finally, you can go home, thanks to the Wuxi police." On the afternoon of 26, Ms. Dong took her brother and her family’s hand on the way home.

女子在日本遭车祸失忆 寻亲多年终圆梦 无锡公安供图 无锡公安供图   现代快报讯(记者 朱鲸润)今年46岁的董女士1992年离家前往日本生活、工作,后在日本遭遇车祸导致失忆,从此便与家人失去了联系。今年9月,她独自一人回到国内寻亲,辗转多地,一直未能找到家人。9月26日上午,董女士来到无锡市公安局寻求帮助。经无锡市公安局行政许可服务支队多方联系查找,终于确定了董女士的出生地,并与她在南通的弟弟取得了联系。多年未见的姐弟俩终于在无锡得以团聚。   民警通过女子提供的材料了解到,董女士今年46岁,持有一张日本居留证、一本中国护照。“1992年9月办理的护照,当时她的户口是注销了。”民警介绍,董女士想求助无锡公安恢复户籍,并寻找到自己亲友。“我已经有二十多年没回来了,我之前在日本出过一次车祸,车祸以后有一点点的失忆症,家里人的情况都不记得了。”因为车祸的创伤,董女士对于自己之前的生活已经模糊,只知道自己多年前嫁给了一个日本人,不久之后感情破裂离异,之后她打过工,也曾失业依靠政府的救助金,生活很是辛苦。今年9月初,她回国寻根,却因为不知道自己的身份,已经辗转了三地寻求帮助。“我只记得自己是江苏的,后来我就来到无锡试试看。”董女士说。“在系统里只能查到一个南通的地址,我们设法联系到了南通警方,通过多方寻找联系到了董女士的弟弟。”在民警的帮助下,终于寻到了董女士的弟弟,并通过视频进行了确认。   现代快报记者了解到,9月26日下午2点多钟,董女士的弟弟从南通赶到无锡与姐姐相认,弟弟介绍,1992年,姐姐远嫁日本,谁知道几年前与家里失去联系。“自从姐姐出车祸后,我们就失联了,这些年来我们也托日本认识的朋友帮忙寻找,一直没有消息。”弟弟介绍,这些年来母亲身体也大不如从前,目前瘫痪在家。当从无锡警方的视频通话中看到董女士的时候,他一眼就认出了这是自己的亲姐姐,当场痛哭。“终于可以回家啦,感谢无锡警察。”26日下午,董女士牵着弟弟和家人的手踏上回家路。相关的主题文章: