The Yellow River source of more than 100 disabled herdsmen will receive free rehabilitation therapy lm3886

The source of the Yellow River hundreds of disabled herders will receive free rehabilitation – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 14 (Pei Fei) "because of economic conditions, the daughter of the lumbar disc dislocation has not been able to get the treatment, but this time we do not spend a penny, will be able to cure," on the 14 day, the 66 year old herdsmen Danda told reporters Beijing, 28 Tibetan herdsmen, including Dan Da daughter, 156 disabled persons in Qumalai become the first batch of rehabilitation patients. The picture shows the doctor is examining the patient’s disability and condition. Pei Fei photo Qumalai county is located in the northern part of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, known as the source of the first county in the Yellow River County, a total population of 32 thousand people, the Tibetan population accounted for more than 98%, with an average elevation of 4500 meters, long life in the land of plateau herdsmen frequent diseases and endemic diseases. "Generations of Qumalai County herders stationed in the Yellow River source, the local people to reduce livestock grazing, protect the ecological responsibility, to make sacrifices and contributions to regional ecological immeasurable." Qumalai county magistrate Nima Zahi said earlier, but the current level of medical security and herdsmen living is still backward, as of now, Qumalai county has a total of 1414 persons with disabilities, including mild disability in 694, severe disability 720, accounting for 4.4% of the total population of the county. As the doctor is working to Qumalai CDPF staff to explain the patients’ disease. Pei Fei by the end of March this year, Qumalai county with precise poverty alleviation, carry out the "love of concentric, healthy Heyuan disabled rehabilitation special action plan, Qumalai County Health Department, the Civil Affairs Department conducted a comprehensive screening of the disabled, the final screening can be a total of 156 Disabled Persons Rehabilitation treatment. Figure for the doctor and Qumalai CDPF staff are statistical screening. Pei Fei taken Qumalai County Disabled Persons Federation Chairman Guo Feng, Qumalai 156 patients have been partial to Xining rehabilitation, Qinghai province and Xining Hospital Department of orthopedics were disabled patients according to treatment for treatment, "the cost of operation by the" medical insurance "and the government of Qumalai undertakes the two part," health care "outside the cost of treatment by the government of Qumalai", in addition, we also reveal all the details "to you a payment per day 120 yuan living allowance, patients with families to go to Xining for treatment, has been borne by Qumalai cdpf." Pictured outdoor waiting for screening results of Qumalai herders. "We take photo by Pei Fei treatment of patients with limb disabilities, can have treatment conditions can be accounted for 40%, in accordance with the operation condition of the patients according to the individual situation of the patient and surgical planning, help the rehabilitation, Xining ultra Department of orthopedics hospital Wang Yuanjiang said. (end)相关的主题文章: