There are still 381 oil and gas pipelines in Beijing security risks-candy candy

Beijing still has 381 oil and gas pipeline safety hazards exist – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ceng Nai) Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, deputy director of law enforcement inspection team leader Liu Ji said 13 days, Beijing has some major safety accidents need to be eliminated, there are still 381 oil gas line kept hidden. Beijing City Safety Supervision Bureau, the existing production safety accidents divergent from the traditional risk to other fields. In April this year, the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress on the People’s Republic of China safety production law and the regulations on the implementation of the Beijing safety production law enforcement inspection. September 12th to 13, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress held the twenty-ninth session of the Standing Committee of the meeting, Liu on the law enforcement inspection report on the situation of. Capital production safety situation is stable and good." Liu Jigang, three years, the city’s safety accidents and deaths of continuous realization of the "double down", GDP billion yuan of production safety accidents mortality, condition of business enterprises with 100 thousand employees of production safety accidents mortality, mortality million tons of coal mine and road traffic mortality rates decreased, at the end of August, Beijing 20 consecutive months without the occurrence of major accidents in production. However, Liu Ji stressed that law enforcement inspection also found some problems, some government departments are also weaknesses, responsible for production safety supervision responsibilities of government departments in the implementation of production safety supervision responsibilities according to law administrative law enforcement to carry out safety awareness is not strong enough to implement safe production planning, etc.. Some major security risks need to eliminate." Liu Jigang said, the daily maintenance in the center of the city underground pipe network and other parts of city operation recessive difficulty, coupled with the aging pipelines and some pipeline by tying and other factors, more accidents, single oil and gas pipelines, in 1280 have been hidden in the investigation confirmed that, at present there are 380 number and some have not yet completed the rectification; the new building (structure) to the safe distance between the erosion and major hazard sources, as of now there are more than 110 such security risks. Liu Jigang said that the city every day hazardous (dangerous) goods transport vehicles and social vehicles for a long time to mix, and the peak overlap, there are many cases of the use of non dedicated vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals. As well as the use of roadside farms, and zombie car wholesale markets for storage of flammable and explosive dangerous goods or articles such as paint thinner behavior still exists. In addition, the Beijing city administration, the existing production safety accidents divergent from the traditional high-risk areas to other areas, such as part of industry safety supervision system is not perfect, "12? 18" Tsinghua University chemical laboratory explosion, it exposed the Beijing City University Laboratory Safety Management of dangerous chemicals weaknesses, an urgent need to formulate standards specification for safety management in line with the actual. To solve these problems, the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress proposed to find out as soon as the research unit management within the administrative area of Beijing City University Laboratory and the use of hazardous chemicals in the base, for safety management of regulations and standards, strengthen the management of dangerous goods transportation, scientific regulation of dangerous goods vehicle transport time, and Society)相关的主题文章: