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The judge ordered apple to decrypt the iPhone mobile phone Cook refused – Sohu digital news February 17th, the United States ruled Losangeles local court judge Sheri Pym ordered the Apple Corp to assist the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) to unlock the California shootings murderer Syed Rizwan Farook iPhone 5c. Sheri Pym said that the Apple Corp should provide specialized software to crack FBI encryption function, delete the data in the mobile phone in case was repeatedly unsuccessful after unlocking. According to The Verge reports, apple CEO Tim Cook rare published an open letter against the verdict. Cook says the U.S. government’s demands for iPhone phones are dangerous. He said that the U.S. government wants to focus on Apple’s mobile phone encryption function to create a "back door", and points out the requirements of the government "it is dangerous, and there is no precedent". "The government is undermining the security and progress that Apple has kept with our users for decades," Cook said. "There’s no precedent. Over the years, cryptographers and national security experts have been warned not to undermine encryption, doing so will only hurt the goodwill and the law, and the trust of users of apple are." And the statement said, "we oppose the order of the court, the court of this directive has far exceeded its significance in the case."." Last December, the 28 year old Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife to California San Bernardino a social service agency launched attacks, resulting in 14 deaths, two people were killed in a police shootout. After the incident, the police found a iPhone 5C mobile phone on his car. FBI Director Comet told the Senate last week that a subcommittee has said investigators still can’t open one of the terrorists’ encrypted phones. After the verdict of 16, federal prosecutor Dirk of Losangeles said that the act of opening the mobile phone represents the efforts of the law enforcement agencies to find out all the clues. He said, "we made a solemn commitment to the victims and their families, and we wouldn’t miss any clues, and try to collect information and evidence. Today in the federal courts for representing the investigation of San Bernardino shooting another step, perhaps is a very important step. Finally, Cook in an open letter to Apple users said, Apple has to provide relevant information to the FBI, but please be assured users, Apple will not be in accordance with the requirements of FBI, for a "back door for Apple software".

美法官下令苹果解密iPhone手机 库克拒绝-搜狐数码  2月17日消息,美国洛杉矶当地法院作出裁决,法官Sheri Pym命令苹果公司,协助美国联邦调查局(FBI)解锁加州枪击案凶犯Syed Rizwan Farook的iPhone 5c。   Sheri Pym称,苹果公司应该向FBI提供高度专业的软件破解加密功能,以防手机在遭到多次解锁不成功后删除数据。   据The Verge报道,苹果CEO蒂姆?库克罕见发表公开信反对这一判决。库克称,美国政府对iPhone手机的要求是危险的。他表示,美国政府想围绕苹果手机加密功能创建一个“后门”,并指出政府的要求“这是危险的,且并没有先例”。   “政府正在破坏苹果几十年来与我们用户们所保持的安全进步,”库克如是说,“这并没有先例。多年来,密码学家和国家安全专家一直警告不要削弱加密,这样做会伤害的只有善意和法律,以及信赖苹果的用户们。”并声明称“我们反对法院这项命令,法院的这项指令已远超出它在本案的意义。”   去年12月,28岁的Syed Rizwan Farook的和其妻子对加州圣伯纳迪诺一家社会服务机构发起袭击,造成14人死亡,两人在枪战中被警方击毙。案发后,警方在其汽车上发现一部iPhone 5c手机。   联邦调查局局长科密上周告诉参议院一个小组委员会说,调查人员仍然无法打开恐怖分子之一的加密手机。   16日的裁决之后,洛杉矶联邦检察官德克说,打开手机的举措代表着执法部门要查清所有线索的努力。   他说,我们曾经郑重承诺受害者及其家人,我们不会放过任何线索,要尽量搜集信息和证据。今天在联邦法庭提出的申请代表着对圣伯纳迪诺枪击案调查的另一步,也许是非常重要的一步。   最终,库克在致苹果用户的公开信中称,苹果已经向FBI提供了相关信息,但请用户放心,苹果不会按照FBI的要求,为苹果软件预留一个“后门”。相关的主题文章: