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Mortgage-Refinance If you are a qualified veteran and you want to refinance your home, why not take advantage of the VA home loan refinance program, which can save you money and give you all of the advantages of a first VA home mortgage. Eligibility for VA Refinance You need to be a qualified veteran to get a VA home loan refinance. The criteria a veteran needs to be in order to qualify are: Obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility through the VA or through an approved lender using the VA’s ACE system. Good credit worthiness with a good credit score. In.e that will allow you to pay the loan. If you are looking to turn your standard mortgage into a VA loan program, a VA refinance is the best way to do it. You will be able to get all of the good terms and protections of the VA loan program, which you earned through your service in the armed forces. Getting a VA home loan refinance Like other home refinance programs, a VA refinance enables you to take your existing loan, convert it and take advantage of the benefit of a VA loan program. When you get a refinance from the VA home loan refinance program, you get a new mortgage from the VA program and pay off your old mortgage. The VA refinance requires that the same borrower take a new VA mortgage for the same property, which must be your place of residence. VA loans are only for home residences. VA home loan refinances are cash out refinances’, even if they are only used to get better terms or rates. Because of this, borrowers should look at their existing debts and decide if they need more cash from your home equity when you are going through the VA home loan refinance. With a VA refinance you are able to: Finance up to 90 percent of your home’s value and finance closing costs. Covert with little or no down payment. Get more cash for investments, college costs and other expenses as long as your home has enough equity. VA home loan refinance is not available in all states, due to local laws, but if you are looking for a loan, it is worth looking into VA refinance to see what is available to you in your area. VA Refinance advantages There are many benefits through VA loan programs and VA home loan refinance. Here are some of the advantages offered to qualified veterans through this program: No-money down refinance Reduced monthly payments, rates and/or terms Access to cash while getting into a secured and insured VA refinance loan Save money on closing costs and fees, because the VA refinance limits fees and charges, when you use the VA home loan refinance program Improved loan to value ratios, since the VA refinance guarantees up to a quarter of your loan. The benefits given through these programs are given to veterans who have earned them through their diligent service to our country. Veterans should get every advantage from these programs. For those not already using one, the VA home loan refinance offers an opportunity to get into these programs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: