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Finance Understanding Short term Loans Most people, when confronted with the prospect of taking out a loan, think about .long-term loans such as mortgages, and business financing. However, there are short term loans with which you can use to meet sudden emergency needs, take a vacation, or pay for your child’s college education. These loans can be repaid in a period of a few days, to a few years. Short term loans draw different considerations from their long-term counterparts. Here are some pots that you should bear in mind when considering these loans. How short is the "short term" period? The repayment period for these loans will vary greatly. There is a class of short-term loans that must be paid within 14 to 30 days. Others can be repaid in a year. It all depends on your agreement with the lender. However, the major portion of loans that fall under this category are repaid within 6 months. Security Considerations Since short term loans are repaid within a few days, to at most, a year, most lenders will give the loans without any form of collateral. Should the lender require any form of collateral, the item used will be one of low value. In some cases the lender may ask you to provide a guarantor for the loan. Most people put up their vehicles as security, should the lender require it. Interest rates The interest rates charged on these loans will vary depending on the type of loan, the period of repayment, and whether there is some collateral on the loan or not. The interest rates may seem high, but it is better to have a high interest rate, for a long term loan, rather than take out a 10 year loan which has a lower interest rate. In the long-term, you end up paying more on a long-term loan, than on a short term loan Loan repayment It is important that you keep to the repayment schedule on any loan that you apply for. In the case of short term loans, you should be careful since the interest rates charged on any outstanding balance tend to be higher. If you continue to default on your loan repayment, you may end up repaying the loan several times over. Many people have ended up in a financial nightmare due to defaulting on these short term loans. Getting a lender It is important that you look for a short term loans lender of repute. The lender should be flexible enough to allow you to roll-over balances. You should also look for a lender who may be willing to negotiate the repayment terms should you be unable to repay the loan in its current form. Look for a lender who will not require any collateral. In summary, you should be much disciplined when taking out a short term loan. Look for a lender and make your application on their website, provide them with all supporting documents, and the loan should be processed in a few hours. You can then attend to the purpose of borrowing the loan. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: