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Frafos Strengthens Its Relationship With Shoretel And Joins The Shoretel Innovation Network Posted By: PRP Berlin, Germany, May 14, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ – FRAFOS an innovative developer of Session Border Control and WebRTC solutions, today announced that it has further strengthened its relationship with ShoreTel, the provider of easy to deploy and scale telephony systems and unified communication solutions, to become a member of the ShoreTel Innovation Network. The ShoreTel Innovation Network is a dedicated community of technology partners specially selected as having the knowledge and expertise to work in cooperation with ShoreTel to develop smarter solutions for unified communications and contact centres. The FRAFOS ABC SBC is a highly flexible session border controller that protects enterprises and VoIP service providers deploying telephony services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). With its out of the box support for WebRTC , cloud deployments and its open interfaces, the ABC SBC offers enterprises and VoIP service providers with the needed intelligence for integrating web applications and support customized solutions. A free trial is available under here. The ABC SBC represents the next generation in border control. Beside its scalability and small footprint the ABC SBC integrates session border control features with media applications such as recording and announcement services.

Browser SIP telephony Enhance Customer Experience Through Call Centre Software Posted By: Ecosmob They are eager to engage their customers positively. The telecommunication industry has millions of mobile as well as landline telephone users today who expect quality services from their service providers. To stand out as a brand in the market companies need to constantly connect with their customers/clients via multiple channels and needs to engage them in such a way that they become their loyal advocates. Exceptional customer service can be provided through technologically advanced tools or software that has the expertise to reach out to customers to answer their queries, for complaint registration, send them payment reminders and provide value added services. Software features that would make communication effective: A highly efficient CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) that uses the computer to manage telephone calls and also ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) that distributes incoming calls to specific agent based on customer need, type etc using the CTI. A multi-level self-service high performance robust and scalable IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which works on various leading hardware. It should be able to handle both simple and complex IVR integration with any third party database, having the option for TTS and speech recognition.

Call center software benefits Webrtc Client Solutions And Its Scope In Healthcare Posted By: Ecosmob WebRTC client solution is web based communication solution that helps to connect directly through the browser without having to install any integrating software or any particular application for it to run. RTC (Real time communication) is a vital component for all business or institution, especially where every day or frequent interaction and customer support is needed. This has brought a complete overhaul in the communication methods and its feasibility on conducting its operations. WebRTC client solution is proving to be a focal point in bringing new technological innovations and ideas in various industries such as healthcare, education, customer contact center. It is an open source real time communication (RTC) standard that is open for public consumption as compared to before when it was available only to large corporations who could afford the licensing fee or through proprietary like Adobe flash. WebRTC has immense scope of development and usage with wide implications for the future. It has set the stage for a new mode of real time communication that has varying usages for different sections such as education, healthcare, banking, large and small business, government, customer services sectors and other institutions who need a reliable communication platform.

WebRTC Client solution for healthcare New Age Communication Through Web Conferencing Posted By: Ecosmob

Benefits of web conferencing solution Voice Conferencing Solution Has Made The Multinational Business Easier Posted By: Ecosmob

Conferencing solution for MNC companies Webrtc – The Future Of Video Conferencing Posted By: Deeksha WebRTC is a breakthrough technology which collapses the barriers of communication. This technology allows the web developers to inherit the standard media engine into the web browser. Thereby allowing users to have the real time collaboration by connecting to the endpoint form any kind of device. WebRTC will be a future technology, for the industries that are already integrated with room-based video conferencing solution. With this technology, people can have a video chat with one another on a common server, and it will be an easy and efficient way to have a video chat with anyone instantly. The Major axiom of WebRTC is to establish a true interoperability among multiple devices and multiple web browsers, to make the sharing of real-time data such as video and audio as a part of web browsing. The applications which are designed with the integration of WebRTC native APIs do not require client installation to run. These applications will directly run in the browser. WebRTC integration with the standard internet technology (HTML, HTTP) will revolutionize the world of online communications. W3C is currently standardizing the JavaScript API with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) developing the WebRTC protocol.

webRTC Webrtc Client Solution: A Revolution In The Voip Market Posted By: Ecosmob Today, many communication industries prefer to utilize the WebRTC platform to connect globally in a real-time way. For business people, WebRTC is a revolution that offers a gamut of advanced features and specifications to its users. Not only telecom industries, but many other sectors have found WebRTC solutions a trend-setter for its magnificent capabilities and qualities. WebRTC Client solution is one of the safest ways to connect users across the world. It is indeed a great helping hand for the companies who look for cost-effective solutions to fulfill the business needs of remote communication. The solution brings effective connectivity! WebRTC client software solution is a great amalgamation of frictionless connection and easy-to-use web-enabled real-time communication. Users are not supposed to install any plugins to install this solution. They just require a WebRTC supported browser for an efficient connectivity. The solution is agile enough to address numerous verticals, various companies, and even specific enterprise processes! The key objective to develop such robust solution is to seamlessly cater state-of-the features to its users. Moreover, it helps ensure better customer engagement as well.

WebRTC Client Solution Web Conferencing For The Healthcare Arena Posted By: Ecosmob The present global scenario mandates that a Healthcare or a Pharma company has to interact with its constituent units to rework its strategies, carry out policy updating among the field units and agents and the scheduled release of a new product. Market compulsions also force the company to schedule these meetings at regular intervals. However, meetings conducted on a large platform generally fail to have the right impact owing to the huge amount of content material involved. For a successful meeting, it is essential that the company involves itself in a personal interaction. However, it is humanly impossible for any healthcare company to schedule such personal meetings with every agent. The best way that a company can achieve this is by way of utilizing web conferencing solution as a communication tool. Many of the successful companies have already incorporated WebRTC driven conference solutions. The biggest advantages while adapting such a technology is that it is browser based. This will ensure that the trunk lines are completely eliminated. Further, this conferencing solution has gained recognition and are presently supported by browsers like Chrome and will soon be compatible with Apple safari as well.

Conferencing solution Call Center Software Enriching Better Customer Experience Posted By: Ecosmob It is no myth today that, many enterprises deploy a variety of products in their processes in order to streamline their businesses and to make all the processes efficient. Some of the most common IT solutions or software that many enterprises use are call center software to intensify the overall call center experience. Today all sized businesses are turning to the use of contact center software for several reasons. Such software offers a business better control over its resources which helps manage the calling process. In many companies a large number of calls are routed to a group of people; they require agents to answer them gracefully and handle the calls immediately. With the help of contact center software, staff can perform effectively and speedily. When choosing any call center solution or software, always make sure that it is designed for inbound, outbound and blended call center use cases. There have been many benefits of using call center solution and here in this article we will be learning various features and trends.
Web-based contact center solution Bistri Apis: Easily Integrate Video Calling/conferencing Posted By: Danica Pasion Interview with Arnaud Budkiewicz, CEO and co-founder of Bistri, formerly CIO of BT France. Tell us more about Bistri APIs WebRTC offers developers a great opportunity to re-build the user experience of video calls and video conference totally on new bases. As a platform we want to offer developers the best toolbox, easy to apply from the beginner to the advanced developer. What API(s) does Bistri offer today? The developers have a total control of the look and feel, the UX, the UI. They build their own Video Calling, Video Conferencing application, they are focused on the user experience, and the Bistri platform take care of the technical things behind the scenes like the differences of implementation of WebRTC between Chrome and Firefox, or the ICE infrastructure (STUN, TURN) to make the flows going through firewalls. Today, we have a Javascript API, Javascript Widgets, WordPress Widgets. Of course the Javascript API is the way to have the highest level of customization. When did Bistri realize that it needed an API? Since Bistri.

API Documentation Template Netop Brings Chat To Native Apps With Release Of Sdk Posted By: Sydney Hardison

Netop An Introduction To Webrtc Posted By: mathewslane Web Real-Time Communication, which is shortly called as WebRTC was drafted by the World Wide Web Consortium, which is shortly called as W3C. The purpose behind it is to enable browser to browser applications without the need of any plugins. It can be described as a standard on how browsers should receive and send data, video and voice that too without installation of any plugins or even third party software programs. This standard also state ideas with respect to the media components and control functions that should be included into the browser. This will make sure that all the important communication elements are installed prior in the browser. The primary financier for this initiative is Google, who has joined hands with Mozilla, Ericsson and Cisco, who have made considerable contributions towards the development of technical standards. For making sure that the real-time communication as specified in the standards can be met, Google has provided most of the embedded technology like the WebRTC video conferencing facility to come true. They have made this contribution in the form of royalty free use of their video and audio codecs.

What is WebRTC video Conferencing For Virtal Sales Posted By: mathewslane In any organization, the sales department plays a major role and generally candidates with effective communication skills are appointed to this department for ensuring that the company can get good sales and the resulting profit.Personnel working for this department should also possess the ability to tackle any kind of situation like for instance, if the purchaser complaints about their product,they should be in a position to explain the reason behind the problem and the appropriate solution as well.otherwise,they should make the service personnel working for the organization to immediately get in touch with the customer for meeting his requirement. Generally,the customers will be contacting only the sales department from whom they purchased the product and so the rectification providing ability is important for the sales personnel.They,should at least talk to the customer politely even when he is angry and disappointed with the product and should immediately contact the best service personnel working for the organization and should ask him to contact the customer immediately. Generally,organizations will be highly careful about providing the right kind of training to the sales personnel for ensuring that the sales goals can be achieved.

What is WebRTC Know More About Webrtc With Exario Network Solutions Posted By: mathewslane Have you ever tried to play a video or a song directly from a browser? Ofcourse you might have tried it. Do you know what makes this real time communication possible? WebRTC, short form of Web Real Time Communication defines a standard for the browsers on how to send and receive both audio and video data. World Wide Web Consortium develops this open project which solves the very common problem, the incompatibilities for real time communication. Today, it is necessary to download a software or create account to make audio or video calls possible. WebRTC made the browser to browser communication possible without downloading and installing any third party plugins. All the fundamental capabilities needed to support the WebRTC standard will be already included in the browser. Generally, an audio, video and Network components are included with a WebRTC package. Before WebRTC was developed there were two options available to make the voice or video communication possible. One was to build your own voice or video client and the other was to implement Adobe Flash based solution. Unfortunately both the two options have some challenges.

WebRTC solutions Webcam Spying Hate Crime Or Not? Posted By: Ron Gustaveson Webcam Spying Trial against former Rutgers Student Ravi is trying to use the HATE CRIME because Tyler (victim) was a homosexual. Several Boston University Law Students were interviewed on this case in an ABC News special called "You Speak". Everyone interviewed seemed to agree that Ravi should be prosecuted for at least an invasion of privacy crime but all had strong feelings on the subject. "Hate crime laws in my opinion.. are unconstitutionally vague because they don’t really speak to what Ravi’s intent was. It only speaks to how Tyler felt. … do we have a hate crime? I don’t know but ten years is very harsh", Priya Elias Boston University Law "I think intentions to matter", Bonnie Hong Boston University CAS "I think it really depends on if he did it porously because his roommate was gay or if he was just trying to embarrasses him regardless", Leila Elihu Boston University CAS "the prosecutors sorta hinged the case on the fact that he would not have done this if the roommate was not gay …I do think there should be some leeway with boorish behavior. Your young, your kinda still learning the ropes.

tyler webcam spying webcam hate crime A Closer Look On Google’s Revolutionary Chromebox Hardware Posted By: Flynn McCoy Chrome Operating System has taken up brand new residence. Nowadays Google and Samsung release Google Chromebox, a Mac mini-like computer in which buyers affix keyboard, mouse as well as monitor. The idea isn’t really fresh: Users keep their existing peripherals while upgrading hardware and migrating to some spanking new operating-system. For anybody looking to get off of the OS X or Windows train, Chromebox proves to be an easily affordable alternative working Google’s browser-boasting, cloud-connected Linux-based Operating System. However, brand new pricing plan will certainly make Chromebox costlier for some businesses or organizations. Google released the main Chromebook that has a multi-year monthly subscription plan, however that goes away now. Under the completely new structure, companies purchase the device in the manufacturer’s suggested market price plus $150. That is in part due to cloud box principle. Chrome Operating System development closely follows the browser, which revs a new version about every 6 weeks. Thus Google will boost the Chromebox experience fairly often, within every few months as compared to a number of years for OS X or Windows. Google dispatches these updates immediately, as it does with other cloud goods and services, providing low- to non-touch IT management.

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