Xinjiang released two new guards, another definition of future aircraft technology – Sohu sweets parade

Xinjiang released two new guards, once again defined the future aircraft technology from Sohu – what China products is the world’s leading? We must move out of the landmark of a company from Shenzhen to your science: DJI Xinjiang innovation, the leading global manufacturer of small uav. Here is only a simple list of two data occupy more than 70% of the global UAV market, some institutions even think above DJI market sales and profit margins to occupy the entire consumer level UAV market 90%. Has been leading the industry’s product technology and sales, so it is known as the UAV industry apple. This a new product called MAVIC (Chinese name "Royal"), the UAV and do a piece of A4 paper size, folding can carry, can shoot 4K images, and gave the industry a shock. Even such a situation: won the authority of the well-known digital media The Verge’s highest score 9.5, Apple Corp is now the highest score is 9.3. That is to say, this product has suspended a full range of iPhone, iPad, Mac…… Order quantity is too large, the official announcement "7-8 weeks to complete delivery, iPhone grade products, millet tight level, out of! Beijing time on the morning of November 16th, Xinjiang released two new products in the United States (yes, this company has always been dominated by overseas markets), ahead of high-energy! Phantom 4 Pro I’m going to shoot a man with a volcanic eruption! The first is the appearance of the Phantom (Chinese "elf") series the fourth generation product upgrade version of Phantom 4 Pro, high performance intelligent aerial simple uav. As the world’s first to avoid obstacles in the function of the realization of consumer grade products manufacturers, DJI Phantom 4 Pro once again to achieve new breakthroughs, such as the strong spicy eye function: FlightAutonomy Phantom 4 Pro five to four to have perception and obstacle avoidance, translation is able to identify from the plane around and below the barrier, and to four directions for the level of the barriers to escape, yes, this is the first company in the world. Well, see a similar picture on a lulu, is a science fiction film in the United States, now ordinary consumers can also enjoy this technology, is so shocking. The whole system consists of 3 groups of binocular vision sensor, the main camera, 2 sets of infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, 1 sets of GPS GLONASS dual-mode satellite positioning system, IMU and compass double redundant sensors and a powerful computing kernel composition. It almost has the most basic of human perception system, Lulu vaguely think, DJI in the next big game, and the vehicle will reach the future how intelligent degree, and infinite imagination. With the addition of this system, Phantom 4 P相关的主题文章: