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Yangjiaping District: Wenchuang dotting plate   the old district – Chongqing channel butterfly wings, people.com.cn Yangjiaping city commercial city plate King Building photo newspaper group filed Yangjiaping aerial Kowloon District, Chongqing is familiar, it is not only the core of Jiulongpo, foreign trade window, also plays an important role in leading western consumption fashion the. In the face of the pressure of competition, it once again decided to answer the challenges thrown, the new concept of "cultural creativity, wisdom of humanity, ecological leisure", in the introduction of new commercial street more than the cultivation of special large-scale comprehensive shopping center, the clever use of the original old factory district, abandoned housing, high standard building within the district cultural and creative industries, to stimulate the vitality, to seek a breakthrough. Now here again, you will be surprised to find that it is a big change! In the circle of A, see Park "urban living room" fan art shapes art sculpture, colorful theme paintings, green park…… This scene is not a corner of an art exhibition hall, but located in the core of the Yangjiaping Business District of the fort in the contemporary art park. The city’s first building in the district within the Art Park, the end of January this year, once appear, has been in hot pursuit of the public, has become a representative of King Jiulongpo artistic level. In the hustle and bustle of the hustle and bustle of the city, Mei Fort Contemporary Art Park, such as a touch of oasis let people shine. It is reported that the project formed by the original Fort Mei Garden renovation, covers an area of 12 acres, a total investment of 9 million 500 thousand yuan, mainly divided into two parts and the transformation of contemporary art foundation. At the same time to add and adjust green plants, in particular, 28 new groups of contemporary art sculpture and painting works, full of literary fan. It is worth mentioning that, to highlight the openness, ornamental and interactive, more to the public participation and comfort, transformation through the originally closed wall and the node space, and exit more space, at the same time minus the shielding congestion clutter removal without a sense of American layout and unsightly. As a result, Mei Bao garden successful incarnation of reasonable layout, rich colors, highlight the theme, artistic strong, people loved the "urban living room". B, skillfully directs the "context" of "five golden flowers" bloom district recently, several members of the public through the underground passage of Yangjiaping district around the ring road, the total issued from time to time, a few words of praise the original cold wall does not exist, it is replaced by the new image are concise, beautiful generous, each channel has also been given different the theme of the walk as if people in space through". This change is Yangjiaping District plate skillfully directs the "context", a tribute to the public. It is reported that in ensuring the basis functions, the new plate transformation, through the use of a large number of cultural elements and the new and old photos, 6 underground channel respectively by "industrial civilization", "Binjiang restaurant", "fashion", "the future of science and technology", "ecological vitality and the five theme of presentation not only the distribution characteristics of the fan art, but also reflects the important node of Jiulongpo regional economy and cultural symbol, the city’s industrial development, has become the new area)相关的主题文章: